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About San Petersburgo

Saint Petersburg is the second most important city in Russia, has around 5 million inhabitants and is the second political, economic and cultural enclave of the country.

Undoubtedly, it is the most touristic city in the country and plays with the advantage of offering airports, trains and roads, a seaport for large vessels, which makes thousands of people visit it every year thanks to the large Cruises that dock at your port.

Founded in 1704 by Emperor Peter I the Great as a port of exit to the Baltic Sea, strategic-military and commercial point, it was immediately named capital of the Russian Empire until 1918 to the detriment of Moscow.

Its architecture makes it undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, many renowned architects crossed Europe to participate in its construction, making it a unique architectural ensemble and a mirror of Europe.
Its sumptuous palaces or impressive cathedrals along with the beauty of its bridges and canals make it an example of the might of the Russian Empire during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The great emperors like Catherine II or Alexander I directed the policy, the culture and the future of their domains from their impressive residences. Great writers gave light to their literary works among its streets, which later became universal classics. It is considered to be a city that has a spiritual importance and part of the Russian soul among its streets.

In addition to being the nerve center of the golden age of the Russian Empire, in return it was also the direct center of its demise, the popular revolts and the taking of the Winter Palace by the Bolsheviks led to the fall of the Romanov dynasty in Russia and the beginning of the communist period. His resistance during the 2nd world war is also worth mentioning.

We recommend that you visit the historic center of the World Heritage Site, museums such as the Hermitage (the most important in the world), take a boat trip through its small canals and admire its bridges or go out to visit the large estates of Peterhoff or the palaces of Pushkin.

Visit the city with Free Tour Saint Petersburg.

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    Saint Petersburg

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