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In Moscow you can find a wide selection of restaurants with typical Russian cuisine, from Russian fast food and buffets (such as Teremok, Kroshka Kartoshka or Mu Mu) to Russian haute cuisine restaurants (such as Pushkin Café or Mari Vanna and Farenheit). ). To this I would add restaurants in the former Soviet republics with Georgian, Uzbek or Ukrainian cuisine, just to name a few.


In Moscow you can find a wide selection of restaurants with Russian cuisine, both fast food and buffets, as well as excellent restaurants with local cuisine. In addition, you can find very good restaurants with international cuisine: Asian, Italian, Mediterranean etc.

In this article, I want to focus on Restaurants with Russian cuisine (both fast food and restaurants with more sophisticated cuisine), but also in restaurants of former Soviet republics (e.g. Georgian, Ukrainian or Uzbek cuisine), widespread, where I recommend you eat one day in Moscow.

Prices. The prices I indicate in the article are approximate and depend on many factors, but in a fast food restaurant you can eat a menu for 300-800 rubles, in a buffet the price can be from 800 to 1500 rubles, while in haute cuisine restaurants the prices on the menu usually start at 1,500 rubles.

Schedules. In Russia, lunch time is from noon to 4 p.m., while dinner is usually served between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., although restaurants tend to fill up rather at 8 a.m.

Tips. As for the tip, it is not very different from Spain. In good restaurants it is normal to leave a tip which can be 5-10% if the service deserves it.

1. Russian fast food (from 300 to 800 rubles)

You can find a lot in Moscow Macdonalds, Burger King, KFC or subway, but for tourists visiting Russia, it is much more interesting to try Russian fast food restaurants that offer typical local food (pancakes, grechka, pelmeni, borscht, sirniki etc.).

They are a good alternative if you are looking for something cheap, have little time or are traveling with children, as this is a food suited to the tastes of children. The two most important Russian fast food chains are Teremok Y Kroshka Kartoshka. The first based in the world Russian pancake (pancakes) and second in the world Potato. They can be found in central locations and in the city’s shopping malls, sometimes in the form of restaurants and others in the form of kiosks in the street.

1.1. Teremok: pancakes for every taste

Teremok (“Теремок”) is one of the most widespread and famous fast food chains in Russia. The menu is based on blinis (pancakes stuffed in many ways, even with caviar) and buckwheat dishes, although you can also try pelmeni, Russian salad etc. You can also try traditional Russian drinks such as kvass (a drink based on bread).

The company was founded in 1999 and has 174 stores in two major Russian cities (Moscow and St. Petersburg).


1.2. Kroshka Kartoshka: a potato cooked in a thousand ways


The second most widespread Russian fast food chain is Kroshka Kartoshka (“Крошка Картошка”). Its name could sound like “Little Potato” and all its food revolves around the potato, the second most important product in Russia (after bread) and which is eaten in all possible ways: in soups, salads, boiled, fried puree, etc.

Despite their name, they serve great potatoes in every possible way (baked in foil, in butter, with cheese, herbs, meat or mushrooms). But they also offer other Russian dishes such as pielmienie, vareniki (buns stuffed with cheese) and Russian salad.

It opened its first branch in 1998 and currently has over 200 distributed not only in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but also in other major cities of Russia and Ukraine.


2. Self-service buffets or with Russian cuisine (from 800 to 1500 rubles)

There are also many chains of self-service or buffet restaurants in Moscow. The most popular system is to take the tray and choose the dishes you want (you pay for what you eat), although there are also buffet restaurants where you pay a fixed amount regardless of what you eat.

This is fancier food than what you can find in the aforementioned fast foods. Prices are usually quite low, although be aware that some of them may not accept credit cards.

The advantage of these chain restaurants is that the dishes are in sight and you just need to point your finger the one that looks good or is eye-catching. Some of these networks also display their posters in English, so knowing Russian is not mandatory to know what you will be eating.

Chains are the most important Mu Mu, Grabli Y Yolki palkito which I would add self-service Stolovaya 57 in GUM Galleries, in the heart of the Red Square.

2.1. Mu Mu: a restaurant for cows

Mu Mu (We-We) is the most widespread, but probably the most basic and inexpensive. These buffets can be found on the most central streets of the city and can be quickly identified by the cow displayed on the door of each establishment (similar to the cow on the Spanish Alehop chain). They offer all kinds of Russian cuisine.


2.2. Stolovaya 57: cheap food in the heart of Red Square

If you’re in Red Square and looking for a cheap and fast place to eat, you’ll find self-service on the third floor of Galeria Gum Stolovaya 57where you can find a wide variety of dishes at fairly low prices. Staff may not speak English or lose compassion, but the service is usually fast and cheap. There are also other similar supermarkets on the third floor.


2.3. Grabli: “rake” restaurants

Food quality in Grabli It is better than the one you find in Mu Mu. The atmosphere is more modern and spacious with a great variety of food.


2.4. Bulba terrace

I would also like to highlight Taras Bulba, who specializes in Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, with around 20 establishments in Moscow.


3. Haute cuisine restaurants (from 1500 rubles to infinity)

In addition to fast food and self-service establishments in Moscow, you can find a wide selection of haute cuisine restaurants for every taste and pocketwhere the order is à la carte or the menu is selected.

On many websites they post letters about “The best restaurants in Moscow” or “Moscow restaurants with the best value for money”but these are always very subjective and variable lists, which almost always show the same restaurants. In addition, it is not possible to try out all the restaurants to be able to list these characteristics.

For these reasons, I always recommend that you consult with A guide to restaurants in Moscow on TripAdvisor. The advantage of this constantly updated guide is that:

  • You can choose the type of cuisine: Russian, Georgian, Uzbek, Ukrainian, etc.
  • You can see the approximate price of the menu to have a reference to how much it will cost you (although sometimes the prices aren’t very accurate).
  • You can see restaurants on the map to see which ones will catch you near your location.
Best Moscow Restaurants Tripadvisor

3.1. Top rated restaurants

It’s interesting that the top-rated Moscow restaurants on TripAdvisor are Bison Steak House (American food restaurant) i Dolkabar (Italian restaurant) but if you just look at it Restaurants with Russian cuisinewe can find classic restaurants such as:

  • Pushkin Cafe: probably the most famous restaurant in Moscow, which you will see on all Moscow restaurant lists (see the photo where the article begins).
  • Great coffee by Dr. Zhivago: another famous and famous restaurant.
  • White Rabbit: A restaurant that appears in some of the Top 50 in the world and that it has spectacular panoramic views of Moscow (see photo below).

The first places are also restaurants, among which you can find the most varied prices (it’s best to read the menu on their website to find out about prices):

Of the Georgian restaurants that are widespread in Moscow, I would highlight 3:

  • Genatzvale: in the area of ​​the Arbat (see photo below).
  • Khachapuri: Georgian chain that has several restaurants in the center of Moscow.
  • John Dzholi: Georgian restaurant chain Jonjoli.

The colorful restaurants of this chain stand out from the Uzbek cuisine Uryuk (photo below), and when it comes to Ukrainian cuisine, it is worth mentioning the good rating received by the restaurant chain Bulba terrace with 20 venues in Moscow (they also have one restaurant in Kiev and another in New York).


3.2. How to make a reservation in Russian restaurants

Some restaurants, especially the most famous ones, need to be booked in advance. If you are staying at a hotel, the easiest way is to ask the front desk to make a reservation in your name as restaurants don’t always speak English.

Another option is to make a reservation on the restaurant’s website, though the truth is that few have an English-language website. An example is the famous Pushkin Cafe:


There are also some English language websites that are recommended by Moscow’s official tourist websitewhere you can book Moscow restaurants although I have never used them:

Hope this article helps you choose a good restaurant in Moscow. If you found it useful, you can help me by sharing it on your social networks. Thank you

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