Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Centro Garage de Cultura Contemporánea

More and more tourists travel hoping to find destinations that move away from the classic vacation spots and go for the most modern and avant-garde side possible. From those who are looking for a good nightlife atmosphere to those who are lovers of fine arts and the latest trends.

And if you feel more identified with the latter type, then we present you the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, one of the most important artistic places in the Russian capital. Every day many people come here, not only from Moscow but also from abroad, to take a tour of its halls and see its innovative and fresh exhibitions.

One of the advantages of this place is that it allows the expression of all currents and all types of art, you can find exhibitions as varied as interesting. There are also art courses for children where they will learn basic notions and become familiar with the world of expression.

The best part is that the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art opens its doors to tourists from all over the world and both the tours and workshops given here are not necessarily in Russian, which will allow you to feel much more at ease.