History of the Moscow Kremlin

Get to know the Moscow Kremlin

What to visit in the Moscow Kremlin, one of the most emblematic places of the capital. Seeing the Moscow Kremlin is necessary if you are visiting the city. How to take an excursion in the Moscow Kremlin; With our tour services in English we guarantee your visit to this and other places.

History of the Moscow Kremlin

In the distant past, the first settlement of the future Moscow appeared at the place where the Neglinaya River flowed on the Moscow river at the Cape of Borovitsky. In the year 1147, Prince Yuri Dolgoruky threw his party here. This mention of chronicle entered history as the founding year of the capital of Russia.

Already at that time the settlement was surrounded by a wall and wooden walls. This place, Yuri Dolgoruky in the year 1156, is established the fortress, which became the famous Moscow Kremlin.

In those days the fires in Moscow were very frequent. In the year 1337, almost the entire city of Moscow burned, for this reason since 1340 the Kremlin was surrounded by new oak walls.

The next fire of 1354 destroyed the Kremlin again. The same problem happened in 10 years. The rulers of the city urgently needed a solution to this problem.

Dmitry Ivanovich decides to surround the Kremlin with stone fortifications. Works begin on the delivery of limestone, and since 1368 in a city the white walls made of stone rise.

The modern vision of the Kremlin was formed in the years 1485-1495 by the initiative of Ivan III. A large number of the best architects from all of Russia participated in the construction. Italian architects also worked in the construction of the walls and towers of the fortress in the field of the construction of defensive structures in the city. The Italians in those times built Moscow everywhere; but even so the original Russian designs were not thrown away, the foreign influence was nothing.

The first tower of the Kremlin, Taynitskaya Tower was built in the year 1485 by Anton Fryazin. The secret passages to the river and a well had been constructed here, which provided the defenders of the fort with water.

In the year 1487 the southeast corner was occupied by the round tower of Beklemishevskaya built by Marco Fryazin. A little later, all the other towers of the Kremlin were built.

What to visit in the Moscow Kremlin:

Clock of the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin

People will appreciate the main gate of the Frolovskaya tower. Through which horses and people did not pass with their heads covered. Later, the Frolovskaya tower was renamed to Spasskaya due to the icons of the spas of Smolensk and El Salvador that were placed here. According to the documents, the main clock of the state appeared in this tower in the year 1491.

The year 1625: the clock was replaced by a new one.

Another update of the clock was carried out under Peter I. With the transition to a single daily account of the time in the Spasskaya tower were placed the Dutch clocks with 12 divisions. But this clock after the fire of 1737 had to be removed from the position of honor.

The clock that we see in the tower was established in 1852 by the Butenop brothers.

The stars of the Moscow Kremlin

In 1935, on top of the Spasskaya, Nikolskaya, Borovitskaya and Troitskaya towers, stainless steel stars lined with red gold-plated brass were installed. In the center of the stars there was an emblem of two meters of a sickle and a hammer; adorned with precious stones. To install the stars they had to rebuild a small tower. Anyway, for two years, the stones of the stars vanished, and in 1937 the government decided to install ruby stars.

It is what we can admire at the top of the towers today

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