Ivolguinski Datsan

Volcán Kronotski, un paisaje de Japón

For Westerners, the easternmost part of the planet has always been a source of intrigue and fascination.

The enormous cultural gaps that divide us from the Asian continent have become much more marked lately and any custom, tradition or cultural element from those distant lands seems so exotic that it arouses feelings of admiration and wonder.

Perhaps the main element with which we associate the East is the Buddhist religion, its peaceful beliefs and its shaven monks dressed in orange robes that are so far removed from Western religions. It is a fact that Russia covers a good part of Asian territory and that area has been influenced by Eastern culture.

Ivolguinski Datsan is a town, near Ulan-Ude, which is famous in Russia for condensing Eastern elements in a fairly faithful manner, it seems, in fact, a sort of Buddhist quarter set in Russian lands. The Russians themselves consider Ivolguinski Datsan to be the capital of the Buddhists of that country.

If you take a tour of Russia, make sure you don’t leave this mystical city, full of spirituality and rich in Eastern culture, out of your sight. In addition, another of the aspects for which it stands out is that it lodges in his interior the major bust of Lenin of Russia.