Kaliningrad-Jrabrovo Airport

IATA code: KGD, ICAO: UMKK (Kaliningrad-Jrabrovo airport)
Official website: kgd.aero

Kaliningrad International Airport “Jrabrovo”. It is located 20 km northeast of the center of the city, it is next to the town that bears the same name. The airport of Federal importance. It is ideal for visiting Kaliningrad.

In the summer of 2018 the airport of Kaliningrad will accept the guests of the 2018 World Cup, for this reason until the spring of 2018 the airport is in the process of reconstruction.

How to get from Kaliningrad airport to the city center?

There are only two options to get to the city from the Kaliningrad airport. In the minibus, or hiring the taxi service.

Taxi service from Kaliningrad-Jrabrovo Airport to the city

The taxi service has a cost of 1,100 rubles and more, depending on the law. Taxi service is always more comfortable for people arriving in Kaliningrad at night, or have the flight very early.

For your safety we recommend you hire the service that official taxi. The taxi service coordinators are located on the first floor of the terminal building.

Bus from the airport “Jrabrovo”

There is a bus line # 244Э. The bus goes to the bus station through the center of Kaliningrad. The cost of the bill is 70 rub (€ 1). Time on the road 45 min.

Bus schedule:

Airport “Jrabrovo” Bus station
08:20 09:05
09:00 09:45
09:40 10:25
10:20 11:05
11:00 11:45
11:40 12:25
12:20 13:05
13:00 13:45
13:40 14:25
14:20 15:05
15:00 15:45
15:40 16:25
16:20 17:05
17:00 17:45
17:40 18:25
18:20 19:05
19:00 19:45
19:45 20:30
20:30 21:15
22:00 22:45


Kaliningrad Airport – “Jrabrovo” map

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