Kutafia tower in Moscow

Visit the Kutafia Tower in Moscow

What is Kutafia Tower in Moscow? Visiting the Kutafia Tower in Moscow is a chance to learn about the history of the Russian capital. Excursion in the Kutafia Tower in Moscow is ideal for you.

The main entrance of the Moscow Kremlin is through the Kutafia Tower. That construction is unique there is simply no other tower that is contiguous with the bridge. Its name “kutafya” (ancient word for the small and plump women) the tower received for being short (the height of the tower only 13.5 meters), with a broad structure and awkward appearance.

What to see in the Kutafia Tower in Moscow

The Kutafia Tower is the work of the Italian architect Aleviz Fryazin. But it is still not known exactly when the tower was erected, there are several versions. Most historians believe that the tower was built in the 15th century; At the same time, with the construction of the Moscow Kremlin, which began under the command of Prince Ivan III. Some researchers argue that the tower appeared later: at the beginning of the 16th century. But everyone agrees that Kutafia has become a defender of the bridge that crosses the Neglinnaya River and heads towards the Trinity Gates of the Kremlin.

At that time to enter Kutafya tower could be only through the side entrances; everywhere it was surrounded by a very deep well. With the bridge of Troitsky, the tower was connected to the narrow path by which the Kremlin could come new troops to support the defenders of the fortress. In Kutafya, the guards constantly, even in times of peace, go to the Kremlin only after meticulous control: they went down the special ditch of the wooden bridge.

When in the neighborhood of Moscow the guards or residents saw the enemies, the temporary bridge that led to the Kutafia Tower had to be burned down and the doors were closed. So the watchtower in a few minutes became an impregnable fortress. The structure of the construction was such that the archers, which were at the time of the alarm anywhere in the fortress, could climb in a matter of minutes to the upper level, from which it was convenient to shoot. At the lowest level, there were also comfortable chinks, which allowed firing backward within 180 °.

The Tower of Kutafia has been rebuilt many times during its long history. In the year 1685, its wooden roof and the teeth of two horns supporting it were completely dismantled and replaced by the arcade. The moat sometime surrounded the fortress, also disappeared. Already in the early twentieth century, the road near the tower rose almost for two meters, so it gets through the entrance of the tower.

Excursion in the Kutafia Tower in Moscow

Today, the Kutafya Tower is not a formidable guard of the Kremlin, but its good “friend” who lets in every person who wants to see the Kremlin. Most tourists come to the Kremlin territory through this tower, without even guessing its heroic past.

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