Memory Square and Alley of Glory in Anapa

Few tourists know about the resort in Anapa, this is the city of military glory. In memory of the Anapchans, who showed courage and heroism in the 20th and 21st centuries, here is the Memory Square with the Glory Alley located at the intersection of Avenue of the Revolution and Tiraspolsky Alley.

The first memorial complex was installed here in 1967 in the mass grave of the participants in the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War. On the one hand there is the figure of a Red Army soldier in Budenovka, on the other hand, a soldier with a cap. There is an eternal flame nearby.

The place is surrounded by 18 black tablets, which are carved in the same row with the names of the dead soldiers.

The granite slab to the left of the monument, covered with barbed wire, is a reminder of the victims of political repression. In the middle of it there is a huge hole, which symbolizes the fate of innocent people. To the right a soldier is sitting on a stone on his knees with a machine gun unloaded and a can in his hand. There is endless fatigue on his face. This is one of the country’s first monuments to Afghan soldiers, established here in 1992.

The sailor Mustachoid sternly looks at the passers-by from the monument to the sailors of the revolution. In 1921 the warship “Elpidifor-415” entered into an unequal battle with 4 French destroyers during the transition from Novorossiysk to Sevastopol. After a two-hour battle, the ship was sunk, and chemical ammunition was fired at the rescued people.

The inscription on the granite slab reads: “The victims of Chernobyl” that remindes of the heroism of the liquidators of the accident. The inhabitants of Anapa not only participated in the elimination of the consequences of the disaster, but also treated the victims and their children.

At the exit from the square, on the initiative of the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers, a commemorative sign was installed for those who died in Chechnya. The granite slab was divided in two parts by an explosion, several rounds lay in the slot.

Practical information

Address: Anapa, Av. Revolution. Coordinates: 44.895283, 37.304351.

How to get there: take buses № 2 and № 24 to the stop “Diluch”.