Vnukovo Airport of Moscow

 Vnukovo international airport of Moscow

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Vnukovo airport is one of the four international airports of Moscow. It is located 28 kilometers southwest of Moscow. The airport started operating in 1941 and now it is one of the oldest one in Moscow. However, it was reconstructed several times and now meets all international standards.

How to get from Vnukovo airport to the city

Free Tour Russia transfer service

There are few ways to get from the airport to the city. The most common are taxi, aeroexpress, and bus. Our company would be happy to offer you private transportation from the airport to your hotel.

Free Tour Russia transfer service

Airport located 28 km away from the center of the city. The transfer time can be from one hour till one and a half depends on the very busy traffic of Moscow. Why don’t you choose our reliable and comfortable service to get there?

Advantages: personal approach (driver meets you at the lobby with a sign where is your name will be written), 24 hours support (in case of lost or damaged luggage or any other unexpected situations), comfort (we offer you business class cars), safety ( we work with only high-professional drivers), convenience (the payment can be purchased online through our web page here  and receive your confirmation).

Disadvantages: pricey (but worth it)

Taxi service from Vnukovo airport

You can book a taxi at Vnukovo airport on the first floor of terminals A and B.
The cost can vary between 3,000 and 3,500 rubles per car depends on the journey

Advantages: comfort, 24-hour operation service

Disadvantages: pricey, traffic at rush hour, payment in rubles or card (not always working in Russia), no communication in the case of forgotten things 

Train – Aeroexpress from Moscow airport Vnukovo

The Aeroexpress train departs from the Vnukovo airport every 30 minutes or 1 hour (depends on the time of the day)
The exact itinerary can be seen on the official page of Aeroexpress.

The travel time is 35 minutes. The train arrives at the train station and the Kievskaya metro (blue/brown line)

Advantage: fast trip, less price, does not depend on traffic

Disadvantages: runs only between the airport and metro station

Bus from Vnukovo airport

Bus number 911, 272 will take you to the metro station “Salaryevo” (the red line)

Bus number 611 will take you to the metro station “Yugo-Zapadnaya” (the red line)

Advantage: low price, more directions

Disadvantages: payment in rubles, announcements in Russian, run only between the airport and subway stations

Vnukovo Airport map


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