Mount Elbrus

Each one of us who like mount climbing always dreams about the majestic two-headed Elbrus. Mount Elbrus is the highest pick of the Russian Caucasus in Europe. It is the highest mountain range of the lateral ridge of the Caucasus Mountains. Geologists have determined that Elbrus is the cone of an extinct volcano. Its western top reaches a height of 5642 m, and the eastern part of 5621 m, which are separated by a deep saddle, which is also is 5325 m.
The highest part of the Elbrus is always covered with a thin layer of ice that descends on different sides.

How to climb to Elbrus

The first stop can be on the high of 4700 meters, where is located The”Rocks of Pastukhov” a Russian military topographical center. Above these rocks, there is an ice field. The next one on the height of 5,000 m, the “oblique platform”, as it called between the climbers. This old route is access to any of the upper parts of the Elbrus. From there, you need to climb 300 meters more to the pick of the mount.

On the north side, the infrastructure is underdeveloped. There are only a few huts for climbers here, which are used by tourists and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Remember, that on such high people suffer from altitude sickness. The symptoms usually include headaches, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, and others. It is normally recommended to climb slaw with several stops and take rest anytime you can.


If you are not a climber but still want to see closer magnificent mountains, you can visit the slope of Mount Cheget, which is well equipped with cable cars and chairlifts. There are different difficulty trails for everyone, from beginners to advanced. This place has cafes and restaurants, but the most attractive is, of course, a wonderful view of the two-headed Elbrus.

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