Museum “The city of the Province of Kostroma”

“The city of the Province of Kostroma” is the new museum in Kostroma, designed by people who love their city and its history is remembered. Here visitors can meet this Kostroma merchant, to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a provincial town, and see his fame throughout the country from the Kostroma Shopping Gallery. Don’t forget to visit the Kostroma Museum during your trip here.

To date, Kostroma is perhaps the only complex in Russia, which, firstly, has maintained a number of historic stone buildings, and secondly, still fulfils its intended purpose; here are the pavilions of the existing commercial buildings.

“The city of the Province of Kostroma” is located in the historical rows of the mid-19th century petty shop. All museum guests first observe the special arrangement of the rooms, the height of the ceiling and the brickwork.

In the permanent exhibition “Kostroma Shops” the museum visitors will learn everything about trade in the 19th century: what was the name of the famous shopkeepers in Kostroma, who were selling to keep themselves rigid enough at that time of competition, what marketing and advertising courses were applied and how these techniques worked? The exhibition presents the private glass collection, the first postcards, travel guides, business card holders, glass cutters, pharmaceuticals and other interesting details.

The second exhibition of the museum “The city of the Province of Kostroma” is interactive, and is called “visit. Here visitors can learn about the history of the famous Kostroma Serapion Zabenkina Bell and the fate of Kostroma’s temples. In the same room you can see a unique collection of royal damask, lafetchikov-shaped bottles, as well as more than 300 different podduzhnyh bells.

The first floor of the museum in Kostroma has an interactive room. This new product of the museum, is not peculiar in the representations that apparently are not presented in other museums. In this room, besides the old interior of the things, you can see the exhibition and sale of Kostroma ceramists, painters, and masters. Among the gifts presented here are Kostroma’s book, linen products, wood, metal, gift baskets of Kostroma’s confectionery and much more. The highlight of the room is a luxury turochny drink from the best barista in Kostroma.

The cost of visiting the museum exhibition in Kostroma is 100 RUB, the grace tickets 50 RUB (for pupils, students and pensioners). Children under 7 years are admitted to the museum free of charge. The cost of visiting an exhibition is 300 RUB per group. In addition, “provincial towns” will have photobilet events for which they will have to pay 150 RUB per group.

Practical information for visiting the museum in Kostroma

If you want to visit the Kostroma museum, here are the details.

Address of the Museum: Kostroma, building “D” (in front of the temple of Christ the Saviour)
Working hours: The exhibition is open daily from 11:00 to 18:00, the interactive room from 09:00 to 18:00 (on Fridays until 20:00).

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