New Year in Russia

Places to enjoy the New Year in Russia

Already the old year is coming to an end and you are looking forward to the upcoming holidays, Russia invites you to plan vacations in many of the places it will offer you. Here are the interesting places to celebrate New Year 2018 in Russia.

New Year in Saint Petersburg

Why should I go? The New Year in St. Petersburg is celebrated on a grand scale. Lots of lights, fireworks, and laser shows in the province. Nevsky Prospekt becomes pedestrian, New Years fairs work, and Palace Square rises as intensely, as if the next revolution started there.

What is the weather like? During the winter holidays there can be a slight frost down to -10 ° C, and maybe around zero. In any case, it is best to warm up to protect yourself from the winds of the Gulf of Finland.

What to do in St. Petersburg for the New Year? See the daily light shows in Dvortsova, stroll through Nevsky and be amazed by the variety of highlights, visit museums that have discounts for children, and walk around other sights in St. Petersburg

New Year in Moscow

Why you should go? The country’s main Christmas tree on Red Square, Christmas fairs, colorful fireworks, large-scale festivities. There are many options to rest on the New Year in Moscow.

What is the weather like? In late December and early January, it is quite comfortable in the capital: a little less in the afternoon, and a little colder at night. Sometimes there is thaw in the rain.

How to have fun? First you must go to the Red Square and feel in the center of the national festivities, along the way you can see the skating on the rink and shop at the fair. People’s parties take place in other places: Gorky Park, VDNKh, Poklonnaya Gora. For children, the performances are put on Pushkin Square and Tsvetnoy Boulevard. If the noise is boring, you can go to one of the many parks in Moscow.

New Year in Sochi

Why you should go, Here you can relax on New Year holidays, enjoying the fresh air and the relative warmth, and if you want, you can go skiing in Krasnaya Polyana.

Holiday time: in Sochi it is warm and humid, since it is located by the sea, so it does not cool down as fast, and the mountains prevent winds. In the afternoon on the coast, it ranges from +5 to +10 ° C and in Krasnaya Polyana from +2 ° C to -5 ° C.

Things to do: The main activities take place in the port, in the Plaza del Polo Sur. In the sky, fireworks go up as much as they were at the Olympics. Walking through the parks and streets of the city, you can understand that the New Year trees between the palm trees and the cypresses are great. If you come with children, go to Sochi Park, which is modestly called the local Disneyland.

Año Nuevo en Kazan

¿Por qué deberías ir?: podrás ver cómo las tradiciones rusas y tártaras se funden en una en el Año Nuevo.

¿Cuál es el clima?: los inviernos en la región del Volga son muy cambiantes, pero en los días de Año Nuevo, por lo general no hay sorpresas, y la temperatura se mantiene en la región entre -5 a -10 ° С.

¿Qué hacer?: ve al árbol principal árbol de Navidad de la ciudad en el Parque del Milenio, donde también se puede patinar y comprar recuerdos. Hay una gran pista de hielo al aire libre está al lado de la Arena de Kazan. Cerca del teatro de títeres “Eriyat” hay una ciudad de hielo. Por supuesto, vale la pena dar un paseo por la calle peatonal de Bauman y el Kremlin, que es increíblemente bella.

New Years in Great Ustyug

Why go? You can go to the residence of the main Santa Claus in the country, which was built legally, so it was not removed from the drones.

What about the weather? Winters here are frosty, reaching -20 ° C, but this is sometimes an obstacle for those who want to get into the New Year’s tale.

What to do? You can go to the grandfather’s residence with a real beard, not attached, it is about 30 minutes from the city in Sovetsky Prospekt. The house is built in a beautiful forest, there are attractions here, and excursions are organized for the children all over the world as in Russian fairy tales. Of course, there are entertainment programs and New Year’s performances. In addition to the farm, you can enjoy the city itself, which is full of merchant mansions and ancient temples.

New Year in ski resorts in Russia

Why should I go? You can meet on the holiday and play sports. Also, the atmosphere in the complexes is calmer than in the big cities with their busy New Years. These places are one of the best places to go to the New Year.

Where to go? Sheregesh, Kirovsk, Belokurikha

Which choice to take? The most comfortable resort is the Sheregesh in the Kemerovo region. There are 10 routes with different heights. Snow doesn’t stick, which is especially nice for freeriders.

Belokurikha is located in Altai. This is a cheaper option. There are trails with a total length of 7 kilometers, around the beautiful coniferous trees.

The base in Kirovsk is located within the city limits of the same name in the Murmansk region. The trails are well groomed and have new elevators. Here you can not only spend time on the slopes, but also go to the city to celebrate the New Year as it should be

New Year in Kaliningrad

Why go?: You can be in a festive atmosphere against the backdrop of old European-style architecture.

The weather: it is very warm, near zero, it can snow or rain. There is a breeze, so take warm clothes.

How to have fun? the main festive events are held in the Plaza de la Victoria: concerts, New Year’s performances, fireworks, fairs. However, this is not even the main thing, because there are a lot of interesting places in Kaliningrad. No matter how much fun you celebrate in the New Year, go to the cathedral where the Kant museum is located. It is also worth going through the different gates: Royal, Brandenburg, Zakheim. It is unlikely that you will pass the Amber Museum, whose exhibits will give the odds to any New Year’s garland.

New Year in Russia, a beautiful season that you can spend with us, thanks to Free Tour Russia.