Perfumes in the Soviet Union

Russia is one of those countries to enjoy with all the senses. Without a doubt, smell is one of the magic senses: an aroma is capable of transporting us in an instant through time and distances. A food that reminds us of our childhood, a perfume that reminds us of someone.
Generally, the typical Soviet perfumes and fragrances of a country are related to the raw materials that it is possible to obtain, either by producing them there, or by importing them from abroad.

In Soviet times, some things were impossible to enter legally. This situation made the perfumes produced there even more particular than those of the rest of the countries.
The opulence of its buildings and decoration, was transmitted to the design of perfumes.
One of the Soviet fragrances with the most history is “Red Moscow”. Initially it was created especially for Maria Feodorovna, mother of Tsar Nicholas II. It was called “The Empress’ Favorite Bouquet”. Years later the name was changed to “Red Moscow” to avoid associations with the time of the Tsars. It is an intense, sweet, floral, aromatic and spicy perfume.

The design of its bottle refers to the towers of the Kremlin. It was produced by the nationalized company “Nóvaia Zara”(New Soul), which has been operating for more than a century. They produced numerous fragrances whose prices were within the reach of the masses. This factory also created the fragrance “Krasni Mak” (Red Poppy), on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the October Revolution. Its oriental and spicy aroma captivated women of several generations.
Widely used by many women during the Soviet Union era, it is still successfully marketed around the world today.

Another traditional fragrance of the time is also known as “Stalin’s Perfume”. This is the men’s cologne “Troino”. It was used as a fragrance, as an aftershave but also for other uses such as disinfecting small wounds. It is also still manufactured and exported. A special story is told about “Troino”, that during the hard times of shortage, it was used as an alcoholic drink.
During your trip to Russia, experiment with all your senses and you may want to take one of these fragrances as a souvenir or a gift. Undoubtedly, when you uncover the bottles, the memories of your trip to Russia will immediately come back to you.
The “Red Moscow” perfume bottle.

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