City of the Dead in Dargavs

In the gorge of Gizeldonskaya, among the wild high mountains that frame it, there is an ancient city that may seem remote from the most common, but, on the contrary, it is actually an ancient fortress. However, it is neither. In the city you can not see people in the streets, hear the human voice and ask for directions. However, between a white house with black roofs, a whole maze has been formed, which is used with the whistle of the wind, and it is where you can easily find a skull or human white tibia like snow. This mysterious place is called the “City of the Dead.”

Dargavs is a small mountain village located in the mountains of North Ossetia. Currently, in the town there are almost no permanent residents because of what happened about 10 years ago, due to the disappearance of mountain glaciers. To get here there is only one path that is quite steep and serpentine, however, despite this, visiting this place is definitely worth it, because there are unique places of architectural interest. One of them is the famous and mysterious “City of the Dead.”

In fact, by itself, the “City of the Dead” is not located directly in Dargavs, it is located one kilometer from the village, on the Raminyrag hillside. In fact, except for the crypts of the deceased, it is not inhabited by anyone else, only by the guard who takes care of the historical monument. The “City of the Dead” is visible from a distance, thanks to the fact that it is next to a mountain swept by the wind. The travelers have a good image: the green slope, studded with a variety of houses of crypt of stone plastered with light covered with black tiles, which appears on the bottom of the mountain with a massive number. From this image, whether you like it or not, thoughts of the eternal come to mind, which helps especially the wind blowing here. It is in these houses, tombs, that according to the ancient tradition, the Osetios buried their dead until the 18th century, when these lands became part of the Russian Empire.

This form of burial is not accidental, there are different versions that explain why there is such a habit. Firstly, this is due to the constant lack of arable land and, therefore, led to garbage for burial, which is an inexcusable extravagance. Another reason is that this tradition has its roots in the doctrine of Zoroaster, according to which the land can not be contaminated in human burials. They buried their dead through the small window, after nailing. The part that rises above the ground is only part of the crypt. Each of these buildings has an underground building, which has the capacity to cover up to several dozen dead.

Wandering among the old cemeteries you can feel the restless wind, you can freely walk around the “City of the Dead”. The places are swept by the wind, specifically designed for a type of cemetery as such. Due to wind and dry air, the remains are neither decomposed nor mummified.

From this site some gloomy legends may involve. Thus, according to one of them, during the plague epidemic, a family in which someone had received this terrible disease, left it to the care of the family grave, and there, among the dead lived their last days in order to protect to the other neighbors of the town.

The “City of the Dead” has hundreds of tombs, each of which has survived to this day in good condition. The people were buried in festive attire and with any small object, unfortunately, many of them have disappeared without leaving any trace. Today, in the city of the dead, alone, it is formidable, and the former guardian of this place, is in the same tower of the dead, which belonged to the genus Alikova, and was later captured by Bagdtievyh.

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