Mount Elbrus

From school age, each one of us remembers the majestic Elbrus with two heads, it was often found either in the geography manuals or in the textbooks of Literature. Lermontov inevitably became fascinated with all his beloved heart, not only in poetry, but also in the glorified colors. The paintings of Elbrus, Beshtau and the Caucasus Mountains perfectly convey a special, ancient and spectacular beauty of the poetry of these places.

The largest Caucasus system in Elbrus occupies a special place. It is the highest mountain range on the side crest of the Caucasus Mountains. Geologists have determined that Elbrus is the cone of an extinct volcano. The upper western reaches a height of 5642 meters, and the east at 5621 meters, which are separated by a deep saddle, its exact height is 5325 meters.

The highest part of the Elbrus, is always covered with a thin layer of ice that descends on the different sides.

Climbing on the Elbrus

Of course, in those days, mountains were a point of interest for climbers as well as skiers and snowboarders to attempt to conquer Mount Elbrus. The first to reach the summit of the East was Kabardian K. Khashirov in 1829, he was director of the Russian orchestra during a scientific expedition, and in 1874 Westerners, who were the British athletes, led by F. Grove Kabardians, they were the first climbing expedition of Russia.

In the Soviet era, climbing Mount Elbrus became very popular, became a massive “Alpiniad”, the largest of which in 1967 had the participation of no less than 2,400 climbers.

The Russian military topographical center the “Pastukhov Rocks” is located at an altitude between 4600 and 4700 meters, above these rocks in the winter there is an ice field. At a height of 5,000 meters the “oblique platform” begins, as climbers call it. Traditionally, the route of ascent is the access to any of the upper parts of Elbrus. From there the two peaks are located about 300 metres away.

On the northern side of the sierra, the infrastructure is underdeveloped, here there are only a few huts for climbers, which are used by tourists and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. As a rule, the ascent to the top of the East on the north side was carried out, the route passes through the rocks of Lenz (from 4600 to 5200 m).


In our country, the Elbrus region has always been and still being one of the most popular centers of winter sports and tourism. The most visited is the slope of Mount Cheget of Elbrus, which is well equipped as a chairlift or lifts with rope-rolling. The trails are of different difficulty for anyone, from beginners to advanced. This place has a very attractive tourist entertainment options. There are cafes and restaurants on the slopes. the top of the mountain offers a wonderful view of the two-headed Elbrus.

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