The “Afimoll” Shopping Center and the “Titanic” Exhibition

If you are traveling to Russia, and have visited all famous monuments, we advise you to read this article and choose for yourself something else, for example. “Afimoll City” -it is a metropolitan shopping center, which is located in the heart of “Moscow-City”. The design combines concepts and elements of the modern Russian national style.

In an area of 3,000 square meters with cafes, restaurants, top brand shops and shopping area, with cinema as well as entertainment venues. There are live concerts at “Afimoll City” shopping center, flash mobs and other activities.

Afimoll City is located in the subway station “Vistolisnaya” opposite the river in the vicinity of the main thoroughfares – Kutuzovsky Avenue, New Arbat, Ring of Gardens, which provides an excellent shopping mall for transport accesibility.

No doubt a shopping center to visit, its shops, its ample spaces and its beautiful source of colors that rises more than 4 floors on the ground. A unique show worthy of mention.

“Titanic” exhibition: what was it like? “Full of history”

The “Titanic” exhibition will be held in Moscow on the 6th floor of “Afimoll City”. The exhibition, more than 100 years after the sinking of the “Titanic” invites visitors aboard the luxury cruise: it reconstructs all the details of its famous interiors; Its genuine 342 elements belonging to the passengers of the “Titanic”; Presents the passengers and the crew and their lifestyle. There is even a real iceberg.

In the “Titanic” the luxurious interiors were carefully rebuilt, but for what became famous, unfortunately, it was not for that.

The “Titanic” exhibition full of history, objective certainty mainly refers to the sad destiny of the giant ship.
Visitors will feel like aboard the “Titanic” and have the ability to safely survive in a historic setting of all events of the fateful journey from the port of Southampton before the collision with the ice blocks in the Atlantic.

As a curiosity in the commercial center of “Afimoll” is the restaurant “Lizarran of Moscow”

The Lizarran of Moscow

The Lizarran in Moscow, voted as best Spanish restaurant in Russia.

Madrid, January 23, 2014. The Lizarran located in the Afimoll City Shopping Center (Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 2), Moscow, has been chosen by Russian Internet users as the best Spanish restaurant in the country, in a vote organized by the agency agreement at the initiative of Interaceituna within its promotion of a famous brand of olives. The contest had the collaboration of the Andalucía Meeting and the European Union.

Lizarran obtained 47% of the internauts’ votes, more than double of the second classified, the Salvador Dalí, that collected 23%. “We thank all those who voted and supported us,” said restaurant director Sergei Mironov. “We are very happy that almost half of the votes went to Lizarran, because it represents a national recognition, a great appreciation of our work. Our intention is to continue in this line, and continue to open Lizarran restaurants with the same level of demand.

At the moment, Lizarran, brand operated in Russia by RestKonsalt, has another restaurant in another commercial center of the capital, the Metropolis (Leningradskoe Shosse, 16A). Soon it will open a third in a densely populated area of the metropolitan area of Moscow.

Lizarran has more than 200 locations in about twenty countries, and in addition to Russia, it is present in other countries such as China, Chile, Mexico, United States, Portugal, France or Andorra. Other countries such as Poland, Equatorial Guinea or the Philippines will soon join the list. Comess Group has signed an agreement with Saborea Spain to promote Spanish gastronomy abroad, as a decisive contribution to the extension of the “Spain brand”.


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