The Buddhist Praying Wheel

In 2006, the main square in Kyzyl was the venue for the inauguration of new urban attractions, as it is the drum of the Buddhist prayer. It is rumored that the ceremony was attended by an unprecedented number of Tuva inhabitants, including members of remote villages. It is surprising that on that memorable day (November 5), even the weather was exceptionally warm and pleasant, as if it was happy with the new discovery.

The spiritual meaning of this event is difficult to exaggerate, as in the Buddhist traditions of prayer, drums are considered sources of the greatest blessings. But in spite of this, in the Soviet era, they were all destroyed together other attributes of religious life. Apparently, the initiative of the modern creation of the prayer drum in Kyzyl was warmly received by the public.

The project of the construction of the Buddhist shrine was initiated by the monks of a monastery in India, Gyudmed. At one time, the residents of the monastery of Tuva assisted in the construction of sand mandalas, and duty, as the saying goes, the good deed deserves another. They built a beautiful drum in thanksgiving to the Indian monks, this one was decorated with its gold ornaments and hieroglyphs, and was sent to Kyzyl. Here is a plot with a weight of 100 kg.

Inside the drum were set up hundreds of millions of scrolls firmly rolled up with mantras. It is believed that the revolution of the drum is equivalent to reading all of them at the same time. The concept of using prayer wheels is to harmonize mental and physical activity. If this happens, then, prayer becomes an orderly flow of calmness of thought. But it is only in steady state that you are given the opportunity to realize your true desires and goals. In people, it is considered that drum rotation brings good luck, health and prosperity. That miracle has come true, the most important, is not to confuse the direction. Turn to the right if necessary. By the way, you do not necessarily have to wait for a Buddhist or special parties. This ritual is useful for the soul, it is recommended for everyone.

The Buddhist prayer wheel in Kyzyl at the time of its creation was recognized as the largest in Russia. The home of the battery is a beautiful pagoda especially erected on it. It is a two-level roof supported by four columns. The corners of the ceiling are folded: all Feng Shui. Externally, the pagoda is a completely stylized drum decoration and complements it on all four sides of the drum which brings a small staircase with only five steps.

The Buddhist prayer wheel is one of the most prominent monuments of Kyzyl, it is confidently one of the main attractions of the city. It is located in the heart of the city, in the square opposite the Musical-Dramatic Teatrol of Tuvan. In the immediate vicinity of the monument there is also another famous Kyzyl heritage: the History Museum of Political Repression, Shaman Clinic, the “Central Asian Obelisk”, a Buddhist Temple of Tsechenling and others.

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