Trinity Church in Kyzyl

Orthodoxy in Tuva is not considered an authoritative denomination, however, it professes a quite significant part of the Russian population. Christianity spread here recently, to be more accurate in the last century with the arrival of Russia’s first gold diggers. Meanwhile, the oldest temple in the Republic is Orthodox. We are talking about the Kyzyl Trinity Church, which. is the main center of the Christian life in Tuva.

On weekends and holidays, they offer divine services at the temple: at 9:00 am, the Divine Liturgy, and at 17:00 the afternoon service is held. On Saturdays after the funeral march, the morning service is performed for the dead and the sacraments of baptism. All religious ceremonies are made by appointment after attending the catechesis talks. On Wednesday afternoon a prayer service is held for Neduzhih. But the temple, of course, can be visited at another more convenient time.

The school of the Holy Trinity Church opens on Sundays for children. Here, young citizens are taught sacred music, sewing, and the law of God. Classes are held for various age groups. In the summer, the church organizes a camp for children.

The parish of the Holy Trinity has a very rich library. This is a spiritual and fictional collection for children and adults. Books can be read directly on temple grounds. The servants of the temple will be able to recommend interesting literature, and if necessary, consultations are made on topics of interest.

Through the social service of the church, it is directly involved in the public life of Kyzyl. Priests organize preaching in orphanages, drug treatment centers, penitentiary establishments, and so on. Often, social service is accompanied by mini-concerts, video presentations and gift distribution.

The Church of the Trinity of Kyzyl contains several unique relics: the Icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir, the icon of St. Nicholas, St. icon Loasafa and the icon of St. Xenia of Petersburg.

The architectural image of the Church of the Trinity is rather modest. At the time of its foundation (1929) the construction was made entirely of wood, and a few decades later, the temple was rebuilt. The temple consists of a high bell tower, the main body and several commercial extensions. The high cone-shaped roof of the temple has an unusual small dome that can be seen for miles. Likewise, it has a nice blue color that clearly looks like a good background in the city.

This great location allows you to visit the temple along with other Kyzyl attractions. It is only five minutes walk from the Theater of Music and Drama in Kyzyl. In addition, the central part of Kyzyl is the most beautiful and prosperous district of the city. Not far from a beautiful promenade with a park, the central square of the city and all the museums.

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