Tse Chen Ling Center for Tibetan Buddhist Studies

For more than a decade Buddhism in Tyva is represented by the Tse Chen Ling temple, which is one of the most surprising places in Kyzyl. The name of the temple means “The Abode of Infinite Compassion” that fits within the framework of the Buddhist concept. The temple is quite small and modest, but no less popular with residents of the capital and guests. There is a tradition, before visiting the temple you should turn three times around it in a right direction, touching all the corners. Therefore, all the corners of Datsan are well set, and this proves once again that the Tsechenling temple is a unique place.

The church taught Tibetan language, yoga, meditation and Buddhist philosophy. Everyone could communicate with the flames, and was free to join for practical training.

In the 1930’s, almost all Buddhist temples in Tuva were destroyed. And only a few remained in all Russia: Ulan-Ude and St. Petersburg. When the freedom of religion finally triumphed, the Tuv traditions took their toll. The country began to erect temples and returned to its traditional Buddhist structure.

The Tse Chen Ling Temple was built quite quickly, in only a year and a half. In 1998, the first stone was laid by the president of Tuva, and the following year the finished building was consecrated by Lama Bogd Gegen IX. It should be noted that this event would not have taken place without the type of sponsorship. For example, a respectable native Tuva donated $ 15,000 of their own funds for construction and the organization of “Vodokanal” for free summarized all necessary communications to the temple.

Datsan is located on the ground floor, the Dalai Lama’s undeveloped residence, and the second is the prayer hall with a magnificent altar. The floors connect with a massive marble staircase, which was used when the church taught Tibetan language, yoga, meditation and Buddhist philosophy. Everyone can communicate with the flames, and is free to join for practical training. The fee is not charged, but in the courtyard of the temple there is a special box for donations.
The Tse Chen Ling temple was built with eight stupas, each of which corresponds to events in the life of the birth and enlightenment of Buddha, which in turn give teachings of wheels, pastimes, and descent to earth since the sky to restore harmony in the Sangha, the perfect victory and what happened in nirvana.

The Tsechenling Temple combines the ancient tradition of Buddhist architecture and modern construction technologies. Datsan was built by the famous architect Fan Che-il. Exteriorally, the building looks very nice: white walls, traditional oriental roof with upturned corners, a broad staircase at the entrance and discreet but decorated pediment. The interior of the temple is very modest. Only the altar is richly decorated in Tibetan style.

The Tsechenling Temple is located in the center of Kyzyl near the promenade and the central square. By the way, in the village square in Muzdramteatra, which is another Buddhist shrine.

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