Zaprudnensky Savior Church in Kostroma

There is an Orthodox Church built in 1754 on the right bank of the dam in Kostroma, which is named after the Zaprudnensky Savior Church. Originally in this place during the 13th century, the Zaprudnensky Savior owed its creation to Duke Vasily Yaroslavich, who found here the icon of the Mother of God Theodore. The monastery is not very large in size, in addition all its buildings were wooden until the middle of the 17th century, when a stone church in the Russian Baroque style was built , very elegant in its simplicity of construction.

In 1760 the bishop of Damascus ordered the transfer to the territory of the seminary of the monastery of Kostroma, which resulted in a regular construction. The residential and educational buildings are combined with a seminary and are used with existing monastery buildings: the first floor of the Saviot church was defined as a library and auditorium, in addition there is a temple for students of the seminary that served in the church of the wooden monastery, that finished its history in 1809, which, has fallen to the point that had to be demolished. A little earlier, in 1806, a large dining room was built and the belfry in the classical style, topped by a spire that was built in the territory of the monastery.

At the end of the 18th century the cemetery was located around the Spaso-Zaprudnensky church, which, was used for burial of merchants and industrial wealthy of Kostroma and famous as Duryginyh, Kartsev, Zotov, Kashino, Solodovnikov, Mihin, Strigaleva during the life of the monastery, were well financed at different times to build chapels and the same reconstruction of the temple.

After 1917, the Savior church continued to open its doors to parishioners, but its life changed radically: religious processions were banned and the likelihood that the church may be closing is increasing. On several occasions, the press wrote that the church is no longer working, the bells of the tower were stolen, and vandalism is done in the cemetery, but the temple of the Savior Zaprudnensk remained open during the Soviet period. Since 1990, traditional religious processions have taken place every year on August 29, with the miraculous icon of Theodore, this tradition was revived and today a large number of faithful pilgrims gather not only from Kostroma, but from all over the country.

In addition, Zaprudnensky Savior Church is known for an important relic, the image of the Savior’s image, according to legend, it was created in the 13th century. It also maintains the image of the previous temple, which served during the time of the existence of the old wooden church.

How to get there?

Address: Russia, Kostroma, ul. Zaprudnja 2.
Phone: (4942) 55-07-52
Travel by bus № 1, 2, 3, 23 stop “Shipyard”.
Coordinates (WGS 84): 57.792215 ° N 40.918359 ° E

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