Places to visit in Moscow

Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation and the country’s largest city. It was founded in 1147. The population of Moscow in 2015 equals 12,197,596 people. It is not only the most populous city in Russia, but also in all of Europe. In addition, Moscow is one of the 10 most densely populated cities in the world.

Historically, Moscow has been the most important city in the principality of Moscow first, in the Kingdom of Russia, then in the Russian Empire (1728-1730), the Soviet Union, and finally the Russian Federation.

Below are the main attractions of Moscow with a photo and description:

1. Red Square.
Plaza Roja moscu

Red Square – the permanent tourist area. It has a rich history. In 1941, during the defense of Moscow, the brave men who went to the front left from here. In 1945, it is on Red Square, the first time in the history of the victory parade.

St. Basil’s Cathedral is famous for the legend that Tsar Ivan the Terrible ordered to blind the architects of the cathedral, so that they would never be able to recreate his creation again.

Place of skulls or scaffold – it is a platform, which always read the laws and announced the decrees of the king.

Mausoleum of Lenin, where are the remains of Lenin and the GUM the biggest store of the whole country. The Kremlin can be reached directly from Red Square, if you go through Alexander’s garden.

Near the subway stations – “Okhotny Ryad” and “. Revolution Square”.

2. The Moscow Kremlin.

Kremlin de Moscu

Kremlin – is well known, and perhaps the main attraction of Moscow. The story that takes it to the 15th century. Its shape – irregular triangle.

The main entrance – the Spassky Gate, which is located right in front of the St. Basil’s Cathedral. Southwest of the Kremlin – is Borovitsky gate through which Napoleon entered Moscow in 1812. In the West, there are two Trotsky gates, and in the north – Nikolsky Gate.

Kremlin – there are ancient temples and palaces and the government sector. Among the oldest buildings of the Kremlin you can list the Cathedral of the Assumption.

With regard to places of worship, then a special place can be given to the Assumption, Archangel and Cathedral of the Annunciation.

Address of the Moscow Kremlin: Red Square, metro stations “Teatralnaya”, “Alexander Garden”, “Borovitskaya”, “Library. Lenin”, “Revolution Square”, “Okhotny Ryad” and “Arbat”.

3. Old Arbat.

arbat viejo Moscu


At first, the Arbat was an area of the Kremlin and the ring road. At the site of the present Arbat then it was still a forest and a stream. The first mention of the street – 1493. In the 17th century it became a commercial street, and at the end of the 19th century it became a noisy and bustling business center. Today, Arbat – is one of the favorite places not only for Muscovites, but also for tourists who like to walk and relax here.

On the Arbat Street you can visit Mikhail Lermontov’s house-museum, Alexander Pushkin’s museum-apartment, Marina Tsvietáieva’s house-museum.

This is the street where famous people lived in Moscow.

Address: “Arbat” and “Smolenskaya” metro stations.

4. The Bolshoi Theatre (Grand Theatre).

Teatro bolshoi moscu

Bolshoi Theatre – is the main theatre not only in Moscow but also in the whole country. More recently, it underwent a reconstruction, which lasted 6 years. Bolshoi Theatre is the pride of Moscow, the level of quality performances and ballet is formidable.

Its history dates back to 1776. The first building of the Bolshoi Theatre was burned down. The new building, which is now in operation, was built in 1856. Every year of its existence over a century and a half, the theatre has been constantly reconstructed. After the last renovation, there is a new space for performances. Now, in the Bolshoi Theatre there are 3 official buildings, three places for the artists and the shows.

Address:. Teatralnaya pl, 1, subway station “Okhotny Ryad” and “teatral”.

5. Tretyakov Gallery.

Galería Tretiakov

Tretyakov Gallery – is one of the biggest and most famous museums in Moscow. It contains the largest collection of Russian art. The title of its gallery is in honor of Pavel Tretyakov, a Moscow merchant and industrialist. He is the creator of the museum. In 1851, the family bought a house on Lavrushinsky Lane, and after five years Tretyakov bought the first painting, and started the collection. In 1892 the collection gathered in Moscow was presented. The result of this was that the Tretyakov Gallery was the first public museum in Russia.

The building of the house all these years has been rebuilt several times, and the modern facade was created in 1900-1905. On the right in 1930 by architect Schusovym designed and built an additional room, while on the left was built the Corps of Engineers.
The gallery contains works by famous Russian painters such as Theophanes the Greek, Andrei Rublev. The most famous artists: Roars, Bryullov, Repin, Surikov, Shishkin, Vasnetsov, Levitan, Vrubel, Serov, and many others.

A distinctive feature of Moscow is a rich variety of attractions that will be enjoyed by any tourist, without exception. On the other hand, many even get confused at first when choosing, and don’t even know immediately what to choose to visit.
As a rule, the number of days in most of the tours to Moscow does not allow to see all the available objects and interesting places. The best option – to choose individual attractions, but to examine carefully and in detail, instead of trying to visit briefly more places, but in the end, it is really worth seeing as much as possible in Moscow.