Recommended Hotels and Hostels in Russia

From Free Tour Russia we are always thinking about making your trip something easier, for that and then we have made for you an intense search and collection of what we consider the best options to stay in different cities of Russia.
We have taken into account aspects such as price, comfort or location with respect to the center, or easy access to means of transport such as the metro.

Recommended Hostels in Moscow

Kremlin Lights Hostel
Address: улица Волхонка дом 5\6 строение 4

The Kremlin Lights Hostel is located just 100 meters from the Kremlin and the Lenin Library metro station (red line). An ideal hubicacion to know the main places of the city.

Fresh Hostel Arbat
Address: Merzlyakovskiy Lane, 16, Moskva, 119019

Located about 150 meters from Arbat Street in a quiet place. This street has a wide range of bars and entertainment, also is very close to the subway station Arbatskaya that takes you in 4 minutes to the red square.

Sputnik Hostel
Address: Ulitsa Bol’shaya Dmitrovka, 20, Moskva, 125009

The Sputnik Hostel is located just 250 meters from the Bolshoi Theater and the Kamergensky pedestrian street, surrounded by restaurants and bars is ideally located for sightseeing in the city. It is a modern and bright Hostel and besides Russian they speak English.

Fasol Hostel
Address: Архангельский пер, д. 11/16, стр. 3, Москва, 101000

The Fasol Hostel is located in the Kitay Gorod neighborhood in a quiet area, 15 minutes walk from the red square.

Safari Hostel
Address: Petrovka Ulitsa, 26 строение 8, Moskva, 127051

The Safari Hostel is located very close to Pushkin Square and Tverskaya Avenue in the center and where several metro stations converge to get around. It is located in a quiet building and is surrounded by entertainment venues and relatively close to the red square.

Star Wars Hostel
Address: Krivokolennyy Pereulok, 4 с3, Moskva, 101000

This Hostel located in Kitay Gorod besides downtown speaks different languages including Spanish, which is a great advantage.

Godzillas Hostel
Address: Bol’shoy Karetnyy Pereulok, 6, Moskva, 127051

Hostel Godzilla is located 200 meters from Pushkin Square and Tverskaya Avenue with its metro stations, this hostel offers a 10% discount exclusively for our customers.

Jedi Hostel
Address: 2-Y Smolenskiy Pereulok, 1/4, Moskva, 121099
+7 (929) 681-00-41

The Jedi Hostel is located a few meters from the Smolenskaya metro station and just in front of the famous Arbat street. It is surrounded by shops and supermarkets, also with the metro you can move in a few minutes to the red square.

Nereus Hostel
Address: Lebyazhiy Pereulok, 6/1, Moskva, 119019
+7(495) 123-30-66

The Nereus hostel is just 100 meters from the entrance to the Kremlin and Moscow Cathedral, and is also close to the metro stations of the Red Line Kropotkinskaya and Lenin Library.

Recommended hotels in Moscow

Hotel Maroseyka 2/15
Address: Ulitsa Maroseyka, 2/15, Moskva, 101000
+7(495) 624-06-10

This hotel is located in the district of Kitay Gorod, just 30 meters from the metro entrance of the same name, a 3-star hotel of new construction very well located 15 minutes from the Red Square.

Hotel City Comfort
Address: Malyy Zlatoustinskiy Pereulok, 3, Moskva, 101000
+7(499) 409-28-22

The City Comfort Hotel is a 20-minute walk from the historic center in a quiet area surrounded by restaurants and very close to the metro.