Rostov-on-Don. Stadium of the 2018 World Cup

“Левбердон” Location: Rostov-on-Don
Year of construction: 2017 (under construction)
Price of construction: 15 mln. Rubles
Capacity: 45,005 spectators
Home team: Rostov

Rostov-on-Don was one of the Russian cities that will host matches of the 2018 World Cup. Although the Rostov-on-Don stadium originally had problems with the building, however the Rostov stadium for the World Cup in 2018 is located in the definitive list of the 13 stadiums that will play the games of the group stage and 1/8.

The sports stadium will be next to the rowing channel on the left bank of the Don. There were several variants of the name of the stadium, but the residents chose the name «Ростов-арена» («Rostov Arena»), which was subsequently approved by the governor. The project was presented in Moscow in May 2013. Developed its FSUE “Sports Engineering”, also participated the British office of architecture «Populous» and «IGM». The general contractor is ZAO “Crocus International”. Under construction of the sports stadium allocated more than 37 hectares.

Rostov Stadium Built for the 2018 World Cup will be on an artificial mound of sand. The stadium’s built area itself will be 58 thousand square meters. The total area of ​​the sports field will be 117,000 square meters «Rostov Arena» will be approximately 51 m. The main concept suggests that a new stadium should be introduced into the landscape of the Don. The roof shapes had to be in the form of wings, but this was abandoned in favor of a conventional closed roof with rectangular cutouts. The construction of the stadium will be in accordance with the requirements of FIFA, and all necessary facilities will be built: changing rooms, heating area, a press center, offices. There will also be a café and sports shops and a sports museum in the building.

The stadium was chosen in a way that fits in with the concept of urban development. The southern border of the stadium project is located near the transport route, the northern zone – it is supported by the Don. According to the designers, the stadium should be part of the area in the future will be built recreational facilities, business, cultural and residential destination.

The project “Sports Engineering 2.018” the stadium of the FIFA World Cup in Rostov at the time of the games of the championship will accommodate 45 thousand spectators. For VIP guests, it is expected that 754 will take place (around 26 business rooms), for people with disabilities, 450 seats. For the media, a press center for the stadium will be held for 2,280 journalists. The project offers two modes of operation of the Arena: During 2018 the World Cup («FIFA» mode) and then as the stadium of the FC mode of “Rostov” (“Heritage”). About 5 thousand people after the end of 2018 will work to dismantle. It is assumed that in that year in the “Rostov-Arena” will be carried out 70-80 events as sporting character, as well as cultural entertainment.

The first work began immediately after the presentation, in June 2013. Then, in the future site construction workers sand found some unexploded ordnance since the Second World War. The work did not stop, in August the mound began to be made, and in October the foundation was completely built. In 2014 the work on the new mound was completed, the first piles were laid. At the beginning of 2015 the stadium obstruction began. In June 2015, work began on the construction of the stands. In the middle of summer the builders began to raise the walls, closed the base of the stadium. As the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Sport-In” progressed in the pace of construction in Rostov, it stood out from other stadiums.

Initially, the stadium in Rostov-on-Don for the World Cup in 2018, its construction would cost one billion. Due to the changes that were made to the project in the spring of 2015, the cost of construction of the arena was increased by 3 billion. The federal government has almost 95 {6b098b7b202cb02703cdba7d612637f4867f8c650fe855b730f9c532b8df33b2} of the costs assumed. Rostov construction of the stadium for the World Cup in 2018 invested nearly 800 million rubles.

Location map of the stadium: