Saint Petersburg Airport Pulkovo

The international airport of Saint Petersburg Pulkovo

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Pulkovo International Airport is the only airport in St. Petersburg is the third largest airport in the country. It is located 20 km away from the city center. The airport serves passengers on domestic and international flights. Pulkovo airport is the only gateway to St.Petersburg. However, sometimes you can meet the name Pulkovo I. The reason for this is the historical situation. Previously, two terminals were used, but now Pulkovo-2 terminal does not operate. The airport served 68 airlines and 151 regular directions.

How to get from Pulkovo airport to Saint Petersburg

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Pulkovo airport is located quite close to the center of St. Petersburg. The time to get is between 40 min and 1 hour, depending on the traffic.
Probably, the most common transport is private transfer, taxi or public and commercial buses.

Our company would be happy to offer you private transportation from the airport to your hotel.

Advantages: personal approach (driver meets you at the lobby with a sign where is your name will be written), 24 hours support (in case of lost or damaged luggage or any other unexpected situations), comfort (we offer you business class cars), safety ( we work with only high-professional drivers), convenience (the payment can be purchased online through our web page here  and receive your confirmation)   Price is 45 €

Disadvantages: pricey (but worth it)


The cost of the service can be varied between 1500-2,000 rubles (€ 20-25) for the economy class car.
To order a taxi, you need to go to the office “Pulkovo Taxi”, which you can find in the arrival hall. Because ordering a taxi through the official service guarantees an adequate price and quality service.
But we do not recommend using the services of illegal operators!

Advantages: comfort, 24-hour operation service

Disadvantages: pricey, traffic at rush hour, payment in rubles or card (not always working in Russia), no communication in the case of forgotten things 


If you want to get to the center of St. Petersburg by bus, you can take the following lines:

  • Lineas 39 (circulate from 5:25am to 1:30pm)
  • Linea 39Э (circulate from 5:25 am to 1:30 pm express)

These buses arrive at the Moscovskaya metro station.
The cost of the ticket is 45 rubles (apx.0.6 €)

Advantages: economical, connected to the subway lines

Disadvantages: payment in rubles, line 39 announcements only in Russian, run only between the airport and first subway station


Commercial buses

Also, you can use commercial buses if available. It is minivans of white colores. The price is 45-50 rubles (less than 1 €)

  • Line 39K (circulate from 7:25 am to 11:30 pm)

Advantages: economical, connected to the subway lines

Disadvantages: payment in rubles, run only between the airport and first subway station


San Petersburg metro (subway) timetable

St. Petersburg nearest metro station is Moskovskaya on the Blue line 2.

It opens at 5:35 am and closes at 0:41 am

The full schedule of the metro you can see here 

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