Visit Serednikovo in Russia

Visit Serednikovo in Russia, a fascinating place to see works by the architect Mikhail Lermontov. What to see in Serednikovo in Russia here we tell you a little. How to get to Serednikovo in Russia and more with Free Tours Russia you will know it.

You do not necessarily have to go to the Caucasus – one of the most famous places of Lermontov is only 34 km from Moscow in the direction of St. Petersburg. The beautiful house, owned by the poet Serednikovo’s grandmother, became a kind of greenhouse; in which a great flower bloomed; his talent: young Lermontov had spent four consecutive summers; during which he wrote more than a hundred poems and the poem “The Devil”. Today the Serednikovo house not only complex literary museum, but also an exceptional example of stately architecture and landscape art; which is located with 16 historic buildings. There are thematic tours of the house and the garden; master classes, missions and corporate events, as well as a large cinematographic landscape museum; All this awaits tourists in Serednikovo.

The young Lermontov when he first saw Catherine Sushkova in this place fell in love with Serednikovo. Her beauty captivated him, she did not want to pay attention to the passionate child. So he started a cycle of Lermontov “sushkovsky” love poems consisting of 11 poems.

A little history

The Serednikovo Manor story begins in 1775; when Senator VA Vsevolozhsk decides to build on his ancestral lands in northern Moscow; on the right bank shore of the river Goretovki roots. The original architectural plan included a main house with outbuildings, some rooms; a park with a system of three ponds and bridges that connect to the shore. 50 years later, the estate was sold to D. Stolypin, brother, grandmother Lermontov. From 1829-1832, the young poet spends summers here with his grandmother. In 1860 in Serednikovo another prominent figure of Russia – famous reformer Piotr Stolypin. And in 1869 the property was taken over by the Firsanova merchant, whose family ownership was until 1917, when they nationalized it.

Subsequently, the farm went on to the subsidiary property of the businesswoman – Vera Firsanova. She has done a lot for Serednikovo. For example, by decision of Vera Ivanovna a bronze bust of Lermontov was established and the roof was painted in one of the halls of the estate in the poem “The Devil”. Firsanova arranged in a real arts hall Serednikovo: Chaliapin and Rachmaninoff, and Huon Serov frequently arrived.

In the Soviet era, the house housed a tuberculosis sanatorium, the building fell into disrepair. In 1992, she will finance the long-term lease “Lermontov National Center Serednikovo” under the direction of a direct descendant and namesake poet Mikhail Lermontov. The grand staircase and the expensive restoration; they manage to restore the original appearance of dominion; and today’s visitors are invited to explore the main house, numerous historic buildings and a church in honor of San Alejo; Admire the waterfall of three ponds and old stone bridges and relax on the picturesque banks of the Goretovki River.

On the farm the poet wrote two plays entitled “People and passion” and “strange.”

What to see in Serednikovo in Russia

Serednikovo spreads freely on 99 hectares of picturesque land in the northern suburbs. The complex consists of several parts: the main house with four wings, commercial and administrative buildings (including a former cattle and horse yards with a garage, a playground and a greenhouse), the church of Saint Alejo, with a bell tower Three levels and gardens with three cascading ponds, stone bridges and down to them from the main white stone staircase-ramp house.

The access road to the house, near a wrought iron fence and the main house, is the first thing you should know about Serednikovo. Following the broad path, you will enter the territory of Serednikovo through the main gate, which are separated from the landscaped flower beds, the revitalization of the white walls of buildings paint bright colors. A two-story country house with a gazebo, a magnificent example of Russian classicism with its symmetry, rigorous smooth lines and architectural retaining decorations. On both sides of the farm where there is an annex building with two floors, related colonnades.

The interior of the house can only be visited with a guided tour. For 1.5 hours you can visit its many rooms, decorated in the style of the ages 18-19 (hall and hallway, the oak room, the billiard room, the Lermontov room, the oval and the living room, the bathroom and Stolypin’s office), admire the stained glass windows and frescoes on the original Mudejar ceiling on the theme of “Demon”, you will learn many interesting things about staying at Lermontov’s cottage (including his first unrequited love, which it served as an impulse for the development of the poetic gift) and will pay homage to the poet in his monument in the garden.

Among the interesting dependencies of the home, are the old corral and the stables, where Gothic carport attention was attracted – very rare to see “thorny” in the heart of the Gothic suburban spaces. By the way, serednikovskie are thoroughbred Arabian horses, were highly prized in the court of the emperor. Here you will see the sand building, and another greenhouse, where, during the year Firsanov grew exotic fruits, which is sold successfully in Moscow.

Sanctuary of St. Alexis was made in Russian classical style. It was built at the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 19th century. Its last construction – a three-level bell tower from the 1860s. The interior attract the attention of ancient icons.

The large landscaped park begins right at the rear exit of the main house. By a wide white stone staircase-ramp, you can walk up to the old ponds of the waterfall, to admire the three stone bridges and make a wish in the most beautiful of them – from three bays of fortune, standing on the elliptical arcs. Another is to take a walk in the shade of the pines in the park and go down to the bank of a quiet river Goretovki.

Kinogorod “Oporto pilgrim”

In the territory of Serednikovo as we have said repeatedly films were made. In the end it was decided not to destroy the landscape, and to make them a kinogorod visit that nowadays anyone can see it. The landscape of rural England of the 17th century, medieval tavern, the old pier and a frigate, a fortress, a prison and a hotel – just some of kinopeyzazhey amusement parks “Oporto pilgrim.”

How to get to Serednikovo in Russia

Get to Serednikovo is possible by car on the road to St. Petersburg; or by train from Leningrad station. By car, you have to continue until km 34 of the road to St. Petersburg; where they turn to the town of Elin and then travel 4 km to the station “Firsanovka”, guided by signs. From “Firsanovka” to another Serednikovo 4 km.

By train at the Leningrad station, exit at the same station “Firsanovka”; then take bus number 40 to the “sanatorium” stop.

The farm is open to the public daily from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Kinogorod “Oporto Pilgrim” closes on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and school days from 10:00 -17:00.

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