The “Kazan” Women’s Monastery in Yaroslavl

It is an architectural and spiritual treasure of Russia’s Golden Ring. This monastery is a dwelling of the 17th century, which is composed of four temples and a wooden bell tower, full of bright bells of the district. Thousands of tourists come here to worship the miraculous image of the Virgin of Kazan, where you can visit and buy souvenirs. Several times during the year, the faithful go on to procession to nearby villages, and holidays are held for all people. In the opinion of pilgrims, it is a place of grace and erases any spiritual burden, there is a pleasure to admire the splendor of the monastery churches and cathedrals. Strolling in a neat and small territory is a pleasure and at the same time you can explore the local planetarium as it has an observatory and a cognitive entertainment complex.

Monastery History

It is one of many legends. In 1609, during the Polish-Lithuanian intervention, in the vicinity of Polish Yaroslavl, there was a miraculous image of Kazan’s Virgin, which was acquired in 1579. One day, several faithful sent messages from the Virgin, where later a temple was built in Yaroslavl, and that’s when his image was moved. Shortly after the enemy miraculously retired, after a year, grateful citizens set up a temple and this one was installed in the way. Later, around the temple was formed a convent where 72 nuns fled from the Christmas monastery to escape from the enemies. Since the 20th century, the monastery of Kazan, has suffered repeated damage, however, in the last 20 years it has been rebuilt from the ruins.

What to see?

The main sanctuary of the monastery is in a list of the main 19 sanctuaries of the twentieth century, which has the image of the miraculous Mother of God, although the original was lost earlier along with other sacred objects. In the monastery there are also other famous artifacts, such as the svyaschennoispovednika of Agafangel.
The Kazan monastery is registered at UNESCO World Heritage List. The cathedral of the icon of Kazan is located inside its territory, which is the Mother of God, where the sight of the image of the Virgin and the Representation of the Lord are venerated. However, it is still in process of restoration. Near the cathedral, when crossing, you can see the cult in memory of the blood facts of 1918.

The monastery was built with a new Planetarium. Valentina Tereshkova was responsible for providing the place with the most modern artifacts, which allows viewing space objects in a three-dimensional visualization.

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