Sochi: Useful information about the city

Sochi: Useful information about the city

What to see in Sochi, a beautiful city full of history and incredibly fascinating places. Places to visit in Sochi and more only with Free Tour Russia. If you are wondering how to get to Sochi, here we tell you.

What to see in Sochi

Sochi is the main balnearean center of Russia, it is located on the Black Sea coast. In the south of the country, also known for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The municipal formation of the resort city of Sochi, also called “Great Sochi”, includes 4 districts: Adlersky, Khostinsky; Central and Lazarevsky and it extended by almost 145 km, which allowed him to occupy the second line in the ranking of the longest cities in the world. Despite its impressive size; the city is home to only 445,209 people (according to the 2013 population census); but annually having up to 4 million tourists.

History of Sochi

Archaeological research showed that the first people already inhabited the territory of present-day Sochi 400,000 years ago; as evidence, numerous dolmens and tumuli that have been liked until our time.

The first written mention of Sochi refers to the year 1641; when the Ottoman traveler Evliy Chelebi visited this territory and left records that mentioned the name “Socha” with reference to the tribe that lived in this region at that time. But the origin of the name “Sochi” is still unknown. According to the main version, it originated from the name of the Ubykh Sadcha / Shacha tribe; who lived on the Black Sea coast in the Middle Ages. However, more interesting is the fact that, despite the numerous popularity of this area; the original name Sochi stayed forever here.

Until the mid-nineteenth century, the territory of Greater Sochi was mostly inhabited by the Adygs. After the Russo-Turkish War in the year 1829; this territory was transferred to the Russian Empire and began to develop actively; the region gradually began to be populated by the Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians, Greeks.

Soon Sochi received the status of the city (before Sochi was built as a fortress and was not really the city). In the year 1909, the first resort of the “Riviera Caucasia” was inaugurated; which initially consisted of 2 four-story hotels; but the demand exceeded the offer and after 4 years the complex consisted of 4 hotels. The “Riviera of the Caucasus” worked successfully before the revolution of 1917, and was famous as one of the best seaside resorts of the Black Sea.

Since the mid-20s of the twentieth century, active construction of sanatoriums and spas begins in Sochi. At that time constructivism in Soviet architecture almost replaced the empire style, ideology proclaimed the need to provide Soviet workers with the conditions for the worse recreation that the aristocrats of the imperial era had. In Sochi they begin to build the sanatorium-palaces with colonnades, fountains and ornamented interiors. The clearest example of this style is the Ordzhonikidze sanatorium, which is still amazing today.

Ordzhonikidze Sanatorium

During the Patriotic War, spas and sanatoria of the Grand Sochi were used as military hospitals that saved lives for thousands of soldiers. In the post-war period, the city continued to build sanatoriums and spas, balneotherapy places, and Sochi finally consolidated the status of the country’s main health station.

Today, Sochi is living a new life, after the 2014 Olympic Games, Sochi attracts more and more attention from tourists from all over the world.

How to get to Sochi

There are 2 options for you to get to Sochi: by train or by plane

To Sochi by train

The Sochi train station is located in the central district of the city and is one of the largest train stations in the Krasnodar region.

The inter-city communication communicates Sochi with all the major cities of Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Murmansk, Ekaterinburg, and others.

Sochi Train station

To Sochi by plane

Guests of the city who arrive in Sochi by plane, fly to Sochi airport, which is located 30 km from the city center, in the city of Adler. Since 2007, the airport is suitable for all types of aircraft, and in 2009 the new terminal was put into operation.

Throughout the year the airport accepts flights from companies such as S7 Airlines, Aeroflot, Transaero, Ak Aero Bars, VIM-Avia, Donavia, Russia, Turkish Airlines, Ural Airlines, Uteir, Yakutia.

Sochi Airport in Adler

From the airport to the city center you can get there by taxi, aeroexpress, or by bus.

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