Stadium in Kazan for the 2018 World Cup

“Kazan Arena”, along with eleven more stadiums that will be for the next FIFA World Cup in Russia. For this event a great construction was planned, the sports center, located in the northeast of the capital of Tatarstan.

The first stone of the future architectural structure was placed in 2010, by the current president of Russia – Vladimir Putin. Construction of a sports facility was in full swing: the three-year term was completed. To build the stadium for the 2018 World Cup, it took 100,000 cubic meters of mortar, 5 million bricks and 130,000 m² of slabs. The total estimate of the construction of the stadium was almost 15 billion rubles.

The capacity of the stadium is 45.105 spectators in the next world championship taking into account the possibility of increasing it, by a set of temporary buildings with removable constructions, up to 60,000 seats.

All stadium infrastructure is fully formed, including paved road crossings and public services. However, you still have to take the metro line directly to the stadium.

By the way, the architectural design of the football stadium is in the form of a water lily made now with Albion – Populous, which is already known in the world of sports for its work: the Wembley Stadium and the Emirates of London, as well as some of the Olympic venues.

Among the characteristics of the sports facilities of Kazan – width of 120 meters is extended by beams, as well as an exclusive roof presented transparent glazing that gives lightness playground and lightness.

Today the stadium for the 2018 World Cup is ready. It is a multifunctional complex with a well-developed infrastructure, which includes a large parking lot to accommodate vehicles. There is also a Center for the press conference room, children’s playroom, food courts and restaurants. In the near future there will be items such as a museum of the soccer club “Rubin” and the stadium, a sports bar and sportkafe, gyms, swimming pools, shops and exhibition hall, fan shops.

In the stadium has already held the Russian Championship in football on the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The opening match in it was held on August 17, 2014. Then, in a tense confrontation met, «Rubin »И« Локомотив », which did not reveal the winner. But the Arena baptism passes and other important competitions. It took the FINA World Championship 2015 World Universiade Summer 2013 and 2017 Confederations Cup will be held.

In addition to purely sporting life, “Kazan Arena” is a cultural center for the people of the village, where there are entertainment programs and concerts. Also offered here, tours around the stadium, so that you can explore the attractions of the playground, which will take you to the 2018 World Cup hot soccer battles.

Located “Kazan Arena” on the Prospect Yamasheva, 115th. Official website:
Phone: +7 (843) 294 -71-17.

The stadium “Kazan Arena” on the map: