Stadium in Yekaterinburg for the 2018 World Cup

The “Central” stadium Location: Yekaterinburg
Year of construction: 2017 (in construction)
Construction price: 8 billion rubles.
Capacity: 35,000 spectators
Local team: Ural

Among other sports facilities, which will take place the matches of the group stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, will be activated and the main football stadium in Yekaterinburg – the stadium “Central”. Unlike other sports facilities, which were built from scratch, this will undergo a profound reconstruction. Highlight that in Yekaterinburg stadium for the World Cup in 2018 will change its usual name.

Due to the requirements of FIFA, according to which the name of the playing field should not only point to its geographical origin, but also be easy to pronounce foreign guests. According to resident surveys, most likely, it will be “Ural Arena.”

As the main contractor, while the design organization, which develops the architectural concept of the stadium, made of FSUE “Sports Engineering”. The main task to be solved by the developer is the preservation of the historical value of the support walls of the stadium cup, in which he planned to build a super-modern stadium with the infrastructure of a football stadium.

Reconstruction of the stadium in Yekaterinburg for the World Cup in 2018 suggests that the exterior of the construction project will be a combination of historic old and new walls, restored. The latest long planned panels of perforated metal cladding that will make it more compact visually.

In the process of construction of the stadium must become a modern sports facility, meets all the requirements of international competition. Its capacity will increase to 35 thousand seats. It will be carried out at the expense of the extra prefabricated structures, which will be brought closer to the green lawn. After the World Cup they will begin to dismantle them, and the stadium will have a capacity for 23,000 spectators.

It will be a sports complex with an open field. To protect the fans and their staff equipped with a special visor that will be supported by high strength light steel structures.

The stadium in Yekaterinburg for the 2018 World Cup takes into account all of FIFA’s requirements, including its preservation as an object of cultural heritage and the development of transport. In addition, it is planned and deepening the field to accommodate a modern drainage system and heating. There will also be the replacement of equipment by high-tech equipment, such as video and audio systems, communication systems, LED display with more modern designs.

The interior of the buildings will be equipped with facilities for personnel, the judiciary, training services, medical centers, administrative offices for FIFA delegates, meeting rooms, a press center for the media, closets and fan for the application of the symbology of the club and the next FIFA World Cup 2018.

The construction of the stadium in Yekaterinburg for the World Cup in 2018 should end in 2017. Even today, the originally budgeted amount of the project has increased from 8 billion to 12.7 billion rubles.

The stadium is located in Yekaterinburg on the street. Repin, 5. Contact phone: +7 (343) 311 – 05 a 05.