Stadium “Zenith Arena” in St. Petersburg

“Zenit-Arena” Location: Saint Petersburg
Year of construction: 2017 (Under construction)
Construction price: 44 billion rubles.
Capacity: 69,501 spectators
Home team: Zenith

“Zenit-Arena” football stadium located in the city of St. Petersburg, on the site of the stadium that bore the name of SM Kirov. It is said that the name is not yet official, at the moment it is – “New Zenit Stadium.” It is planned that the project will be completed in 2016 – which will be one of the most modern sports facilities in Europe. The stadium will be the new home of the football club “Zenith”. Said massive project designed by the renowned architect Kisho Kurokawa of Japan.

The plans for the construction of “Zenit-Arena” originated at the end of 2005, however, the work itself did not start until 2008. The stadium deadlines have been postponed several times – more than five times, but according to the architects, the reconstruction of the stadium will be completely, we are sure that we can see it in July 2016. There are many reasons to believe in his words, since by 05.2015 two thirds of the entire complex had already been built.

The stadium will be remarkable, since it will be here where some of the games of the 2018 World Cup will take place – it is likely that this is where one of the semifinals of the next tournament will be played. The number of fans will take place in the stadium, more than 68,000 people.

An interesting architectural design, the steel stadium design, like a retractable soccer field and retractable roof. These innovations will help solve the problems related to the adverse weather conditions of the northern city. The stadium will be installed 55 thousand vandal-proof seats, which have passed the endurance test. According to V. Lazutkina, the project manager, the seats withstand the weight of up to 120 kg, even if they jump.

The size of the stadium promises to be really ambitious: the height of the building will be 79 meters, total area of ​​buildings – more than 280 square meters and the number of floors 9. It is expected that the area will be 10 thousand square meters.

One of the problems was the location of the stadium. At the time, it was very difficult to get, so they decided to build a new subway station called «Novokrestovskaya» near the stadium was the perfect way to bring the stadium closer to the public. The station is located between «Беговой» и «Приморской» stations of the line «Nevsk-Vasilevskro», it is supposed to be completed in 2018. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, transport of water to the sports field will be organized.

The estimated costs for the construction of the stadium in St. Petersburg has multiplied, was due to many factors, one of the last was the increase in the exchange rate in 2014. According to preliminary data, the total estimate of the stadium at end of work can exceed 43 billion rubles, which will make the cost of building the stadium to one of the largest worldwide.

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