What to see in Talezh in Russia

Visit Talezh in Russia

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What to see in Talezh in Russia

Talezh small village located near the city of Chekhov; Near Moscow, it is well known outside the Moscow region and Moscow. Here, in the courtyard of David deserts are the church of St. David of Serpukhov; a bell tower, a spring of holy water, male and female from the source. Religious people believe that the water of the holy source in Talezh healing; especially its impact on eye diseases beneficial suffering and the digestive system.

The first mention of Talezh refers to 1328. It is worth noting that this place is associated with many famous people. In the 18th century Talezh at the behest of Catherine II became the property of Count Vladimir Orlov, who some time later built the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin. Interestingly, Vladimir G. took an active part in the construction of the church and later supplied ev

Religious people believe that the water of the holy source in Talezh healing, especially its impact on beneficial eye diseases and digestive system.
With one hand the light of Catherine II area near Talezh was known Nerastannoe. Once the Empress returned from the Crimean War, and stopped to spend the night in Talezh. Before leaving, she said: “From these places it is impossible to leave.” After the story the name of the neighborhood was changed.

Talezh located on one of the tributaries of the Lopasnya River – the river with a beautiful name Smorodinka. At the end of the 19th century, is not very often a guest writer Anton Chekhov, who built in the village school.
After the revolution, the situation in Talezh was not the best, but the service in the temple was still until 1939. Religious services were resumed until 2011. Today Talezh attracts a large number of tourists and pilgrims. Of course, most people come here only for the sake of the sacred source. But if you do not have a goal, you can simply take a walk, it’s very beautiful and, above all, all equipped for a pleasant pastime.

Get to know Talezh in Russia

Spring is the name Venitsa historical. Most likely, the word comes from the “species” of Slavic old larch – a wedding, a wedding. In addition, September flame differently – “crown” – that is the time when the final harvest and the beginning of the wedding. Interestingly, with a dock connected mysterious stories and details. Many people who visited Talezh claim to have seen the lights around the fountain. According to them, the lights come in different sizes – from very small to 5-7 cm and in different colors. See them at any time of the year, but only in the place where the land seven springs that feed the Smorodinka River. Of course, skeptical atheists do not believe in it. However, the legend of flying flames appeared in ancient times.

It was the last in Talezh troops to curb the equestrian Dmitry Donskoy before the battle Kulikov, which was attended by residents and Talezh.
practical information
Arrive in Talezh possible by public transport and by car. From Moscow you can get there by train from the train station to the Kursk Chekhov station. Then on the bus or bus number 25 to the stop “Talezh”. By car you need to drive on the M2 highway “Crimea”, then turn left for 72 km. The next 11 kilometers through Melekhovo directly to the pointer “Talezh”. Keep in mind that in Talezh always a lot of visitors, and there are parking problems.

The area fountain is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day except Monday.

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