The 10 most beautiful villages in Russia

The 10 most Beautiful Villages in Russia

How is the Russian village? For a long time Russian villages were unjustifiably forgotten. Many of them were abandoned and disappeared from the territory of Russia. In 2014 the special association was created. Its aim was to find the most beautiful villages in Russia. This association held a competition to choose the most interesting Russian camp.

In order to participate in the contest you should meet several criteria.

And no doubt in Russia you can find more than 10 peoples, but then it would be an eternal list.

We would like to draw your attention to 10 villages which can certainly be called the most beautiful villages of Russia.

  1. The Varzuga village

One of the most beautiful villages in Russia is located in the Murmansk region. The Varzuga village has over six hundred years of history and is the ornament of the Kola Peninsula. It is the centкo of the town is located the Church of Assumption, which was founded in the seventeenth century without using a nail. This building is a historical and cultural heritage, which is recognized as an important monument of wooden architecture.

Except for the cultural interest this place can also attract your attention by fishing. The Atlantic salmon is migrating through the Varzuga river, to make the fishing you can get the special meat and rest in the nature.

  1. The town Nikolo – Lenivets

The place in Kaluga öblast. Long ago this place was the almost dead town with many people living there. But thanks to the architect Basili Shetinin, the village Nikolo – Lenivets has been converted to the art gallery, where every wall and fence was made by hand with natural materials. His idea seemed interesting and other architects not only Russian but also foreign decided to continue doing the same.

At the present time in this Russian village the festival called “Arkh – Stoianie” took place. The picturesque houses are in harmony with the Russian landscape.

  1. The Esso village

The Esso village of Krai Kamchatka has a very harsh climate, but that does not affect its inhabitants in any way. On the territory of the village are the hot springs, which are used to heat the houses and also to cure in the local health centre. As there is no modern “civilization” this gives an impulse to develop popular art.

  1. The town of Bogolubovo

The village of Bogolubovo has been in history since the 12th century. According to the amount of Christian relics and its architecture this place without exaggeration can be called the most beautiful village in Russia. The Prince of Kiev Andrei Bogolubski created this village and converted it to his inheritance. You can still find the remains of the foundation of his old palace. The Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin is built on the highest point of the village, and during the spill it is surrounded by water. Having a boat here is not unusual, but very important during the spring.

  1. The Town of Gorodnia

This village is the pearl of Russian architecture, it is located in the Tver öblast. The atmosphere of this place brings us to the pre-Mongolian era, when you could see Orthodox churches everywhere. The most beautiful church here is the Church of the Nativity, which was founded in the 15th century and is still in operation.

  1. Srostki town

In the Altai Krai is lost the populated place, where the very famous Russian writer and actor Basili Shukshin was born. In this village you can see the real and majestic landscapes of Russia, covered by the grass prairie. Also here is the Katun river with the typical Russian houses which give more harmony and tranquility to this place.

  1. Village Zukovka in the Moscow region

This place is not a typical Russian village. This place more about luxury, here live the powerful and rich people. In its streets you can’t find horses and women don’t dry their clothes out of sack in the yard. Here are the fashionable shops, and its streets are created by special architects. Zukovka is a new place, but why can’t it be called the most beautiful town in Russia?

  1. The Bolshoy Kunalei Village

This place is located in Buriatia, on the bank of the Kunaleika River. This Russian camp dates back to the 18th century and has been living and developing since then. The population is less than a thousand people.

The most interesting thing about the village are the houses painted red with blue windows and green fences.

  1. The village Desiatnikovo

In the region of Buriatia there are many very authentic and interesting villages. And this Russian camp Desiatnikovo can certainly be called one of these places. The houses look very exotic because of their paintings and colors. The landscapes are also majestic and incredible. The inhabitants of the village keep the landscapes, traditions and crafts with respect.

  1. The village Viatskoe

In 2015 the Viatskoe people were officially recognized as the most beautiful people in Russia.

The village is located in the Yaroslavl Öblast. On its territory you can find ten museums of various types, and monuments of architecture and history.

The inhabitants of this Russian village always participate in different competitions and very often become the winners.

The Russian countryside Viatskoy is not only a historical place but also a tourist place, which continues to develop.


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