The Adzhimushkajsky quarry in Kerch

It is worth noting that a visit to the Museum of the History of Defence of the Adzhimushkajsky Quarry (Kerch, Crimea) will bring you pleasure in a non-traditional sense. But for that, it is essential to prepare yourself psychologically before the inspection of this monument. Even though the route left behind by the tour is quite heavy, visiting it is a must. The “Adzhimushkajsky” quarry is not simply a memorial museum, it is rather an attempt to perpetuate the memory of the heroes of the war years and to preserve in the hearts of the descendants, the memories of their deeds.

As a result of Operation “Bustard Hunt” in May 1942, German forces broke through the defense of the Kerchensky Peninsula, Crimea, with great speed. Only a part of the Soviet troops managed to evacuate, the rest were isolated and forced to defend themselves in the quarries of Аджимушкайских where they were joined by the local population. Everything in the quarry had been taken over completely by the Germans, who had been able to fortify their position by laying barbed wire, managing to secure all entrances and possible exits and contaminating the water supplies with toxic substances making consumption impossible. The people, despite their desperate need for water, food, medicine and all the difficulties that could be presented, continued to raid and try to counteract with what they could.

The defence continued for 170 days. On October 30, 1942, the Germans succeeded in capturing the quarries and the remaining fighting captives. Of the more than 13,000 people defending the quarry, only 48 were still alive. One year later the Soviet army was able to liberate the district, along with the Adzhimushkajsky Quarry. In fact, the German army’s siege of Adzhimushkajsky was desperate and despite trying, they could not maintain the victory, thus only helping to prolong the battle and maintain the momentum of the German army for a while.

The Adzhimushkajsky Quarry in Kerch (Crimea) a tour of it

After numerous search operations and as a result of which great discoveries were made, a memorial museum was founded in Kerch in memory of those who participated in the events. In May 1967, the Museum of the History of Defense of the Adzhimushkajsky Stone Quarry was opened, and in 1982, the Heroes’ Monument. Today it is one of the most popular and visited places thanks to its cultural and historical richness.

A tour lasts just over an hour and includes several exhibitions. Tourists learn about the places where the water was obtained, at газоубежище they will see the shelter, where people were hiding from the gas of the attacks, in the operation they explored the conditions in which the injured were assisted. In addition, visitors will see the barracks, the kitchen field and the garrison headquarters. The total length of the route is 400 m.

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