Alexander Garden Moscow

Alexander Garden Moscow, what to see there.

What to see in Alexander Garden in Moscow, one of the most emblematic places in the city. Alexander Garden, probably, is an ideal place for guided excursions. Free Tours Russia offers you the best excursion services in English.

Certainly, Alexander Gardens is an oasis in the center of Moscow. It is located just next to the Moscow Kremlin. The approximate area of the garden is 10 hectares. The closest subway station bears the same name “Aleksandrovsky sad”.

The history of Alexandr Garden in Moscow

Alexander Garden was created according to the order of the Russian Emperor Alexander II during the restoration of the city after the war with Napoleon in 1812.

At first, the garden had a name Kremlevsky. It took 3 years to finish it, from 1819 to 1822. Earlier river Neglinnaya flowed through the garden. According to the project of the architect Osip Bove, the river was hidden to the pipes underground.

Afterward, in 1856 the garden changed the name and from that year became Alexandr (Alexadrovsky) Garden

The gardens consist of three parts:

First, the upper garden is 350 meters long and located between  Arsenalnaya Tower and Kutafia tower.

Then, the medium garden is 383 meters places between the Troitskaya and Borovitskaya towers.

Finally, the lower garden is 132 meters and extends to the Kremlin waterfront

What to see in Alexander Garden: points of interest

Arriving at the gardens from the main entrance you will see the main doors made of cast iron. Through these doors, you enter the upper garden. The design of the main doors with the symbol of the Patriotic War was created by the architect Pascal. The garden has three alleys of blue and lilac firs, acacia and jasmine, amazing flower beds and a preserved oak of two hundred years old.

In the middle part of the upper garden located an artificially destroyed grotto, built under the Tower of the middle arsenal. In front of the grotto, there is a monument with a list of communist philosophers and politicians, personally approved by Lenin.

The monument replaced the original one, built in honor of the 300th anniversary of the reign of the Romanovs in 1914. The northern part of the garden is connected to a large underground shopping complex on Manezhnaya Square.

Walk through Alexander Garden in Moscow

The main attraction of the garden is the grave of the Unknown Soldier with the eternal flame. In 1997, the guard, who used to be at the Lenin’s Mausoleum, now is in the same way at the Grave. The guards are soldiers of the presidential regiment that are in the post every day from 08.00 to 20.00.


The eternal fire

Alexander Garden of Moscow – Manege

Spanish architecture Augustine de Betancourt was a designer of Moscow Manege. But it was erected in neoclassical style by architect Joseph Bove in 1825.

At first, the offices of the military academy used it for training to ride. From the middle of XIX the century, it was an exhibition venue. In the Soviet time, it was a home for an art gallery.

On March 14, 2004, the day of the reelection of President Putin; the building caught fire. As a result, the wooden structure was destroyed.

However, a year after, the Manege opened its doors for visitors again.

The Alexander Garden and Manege, as a part of it, are the popular places for walking among citizens and guests of the capital

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