The Amber museum in Kaliningrad

Visit the amber museum in Kaliningrad

What to see in the amber museum in Kaliningrad, one of the attractions or tourist places of greatest interest. Visiting the amber museum in Kaliningrad is ideal during a guided tour. Getting to know the amber museum in Kaliningrad is easy and fun.

The only amber museum in Russia was opened in 1979. It is located in the center of the city of Kalinngrad on the Verjnee river bank in the 19th century tower.

The Tower was built in 1853 under the direction of the developer of the general plan of fortifications of Königsberg Ernst Ludwig von Aster. And it was part of the urban defensive fortification system. Today, the Tower is the monument of the Second World War.

Tower where the museum is located

The amber museum is the museum of a single mineral. The exhibition occupies three floors with the surface area of approximately 1000 square meters. The exhibition is divided into two parts: part of the natural sciences and cultural part and history.

Amber is the fossilized resin of ancient conifers that grew more than 40 million years ago in the territory of the modern Scandinavian Peninsula and the adjacent areas of the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

What to see in the amber museum in Kaliningrad

If you plan to visit the amber museum in Kaliningrad; You should know that in the part of the natural sciences the examples of amber of different sizes are presented; colors and transparency level. The exhibition has the example of Russia’s largest amber “sun stone” weighing 4 kg 280 grams. Most of the collection also takes the examples of amber with the remains of insects and plant particles; that have fallen into the liquid resin millions of years ago.

The Baltic Amber particles are very valuable in the world of science thanks to their variety; and excellent preservation. Thanks to this mineral we can verify our knowledge about life on Earth 40-45 million years ago. Today the collection of Baltic inclusions from the Kaliningrad amber museum is the largest and most important collection in Russia

The cultural and historical part contains examples of current use made of amber during the Neolithic period. In the museum are kept the artifacts that were discovered in the territory of Kaliningrad during the exavations of the monuments of the II-V century of our era (the time of contacts with the Roman Empire). In the towns of this time, large quantities of raw amber were found; presumably for sale and also along with jewelry very often there were a few of amber; that, apparently, had the sacred meaning.

Especially the collection has the unique works of seventeenth-century European masters donated to the Armory Museum of the Moscow Kremlin in 1978. It is complemented by modern copies of ancient objects made of amber; recreated fragments of the famous Amber Room in Pushkin (St. Petersburg); that disappeared during the Second World War and the authentic articles of the 19th and early 20th centuries created by Russian and European masters.

Get to know the amber museum in Kaliningrad today

In the permanent exhibition “The home of amber” are presented the works of the modern masters of Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg. Even the famous Alexander Zhuravlev, his mosaic “Rus” can be admired in the museum. Especially this author was the director of the restoration of the famous Amber Room of the Catherine Palace in Pushkin for 16 years .

Mosaic “Rus”

Also the large part of the exhibition is formed from the works of the modern masters of Russia, Italy, United States, France, Japan, Germany and etc. Among them are jewelry, sculpture, interior objects.

The museum today is one of the brightest cultural places in the city. Your collection has around 16,000 storage items. Every year the museum is visited by more than 200 thousand people; They organize 1,200 excursions, and more than 30 exhibitions and projects.

The museum offers an accessible environment for people with disabilities.

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