The Anapa Archaeological Museum

The Anapa Archaeological Museum

Anapa is a small city on the south of Russia, people know it today as a children’s resort, with soft sandy beaches and therapeutic mud springs. But once it was a huge and prosperous metropolis, but the land was devastated by cruel war for centuries. The Anapa Archaeological Museum “Gorgippia” is one of the most interesting cultural sites of the city.

For several centuries, scientists were interested in the ancient history of these places. But the constant war did not allow them to begin a full-fledged investigation. Only in 1829, after the signing of the peace treaty and the final annexation to Russia, intensive excavations began. In scientific research, the power of Gorgippia was discovered in 1954. The abundance of the findings impressed the scientists, so that in 1977, the Archaeological Museum was established in Anapa. It was called “Gorgippia”, the name of an ancient fortress city, which stood here 2500 years ago.

What can you see there?

The museum consists of two exhibition grounds, one in covered buildings and the other one in open spaces. We advise you to see everything in order to get a complete picture of how our ancestors lived 2,000 years ago.

The disadvantage of the exhibitions of the museum, is that in the territory of old Greece there are similar exhibitions. The facilities are made of light stone, decorative finishes pillars, portals and pediments. The modern suspended ceiling is decorated with lights incorporated in the shape of a starry sky. The transparent windows allow you to see the exhibitions on all sides. The bright lights highlight the main accents. The first feeling of the museum is very positive and happy. A few thousand artifacts are found here. Among them ancient sculptures, amphoras and ancient coins, jewelry and funeral masks of women. The Anapa Archaeological Museum kept part of the only paintings dedicated to the 12 works of Hercules, the other part is in Moscow, currently under restoration. All this will be seen in the tour of the museum, and the guide will tell you about the history of the birth and death of the great Bosphorus kingdom.

So we advise you to visit the Anapa Archaeological Museum to know more about the history of Anapa and Russia in general.