The Anapa Embankment

The embankment of any tourist city is its calling card, clear evidence of its beauty, habitability, and state. Anapa has a surprise not only to the many guests, but also to its competitors. In 2002, the old pier was completely remodeled. Now, I do not dare to call it simply the waterfront, as it is a gigantic tourist complex, which extends over 5 km.

The main attractions are concentrated in the central part: it is actually the 1.6 km long “New Quay”, the central beach, as well as the numerous museums and places of interest.

The sandy beaches are one of the main advantages of Anapa, most of the beaches of the European pebble stations. Why is Anapa so lucky? The fact is that before the Old Kuban River flowed into the Black Sea near Anapa, it brought the sand with it. In the 19th century the channel was blocked, the river died, and the sand was for the delight of the future as a health resource.

The central promenade is dressed in granite and decorated with lanterns, sculptures and exquisite fountains. The alley is decorated with compositions of flower figures, as the fruit of the imagination of the local florists. “Whale-fish”, “Elephant”, “Octopus”, “Dolphins”, these characters were arranged to catch the imagination of the tourists, every year there are new ones. There are plantations along the coast of the Mediterranean palms, this is Russia’s answer to the Croisette. It is believed that the embankment is divided into two levels: this is not entirely accurate, as the coastal rocks are below the balustrade and it is practically independent of the level. Tourists love to sunbathe on the hot stones, they are no longer aware that it is not only a decorative function: in fact, they are the breakwaters, since thanks to them the embankment remains safe even during storms.

Slightly superior to the wide railing that is always full of life, there are numerous cafes, attractions and souvenir shops, it is not easy to get to the central beach and here is the only water stadium in the country. The night of this level is the weather, discos, karaoke bars and light shows. The upper level (also known as Costa Alta) is not usually so crowded, it is preferred by romantics and antique lovers as it offers beautiful views of the Black Sea and the city’s harbour.

Not all tourists know that the best view of the sea does not open from the high shore, and the towers of the nearby water park.

On the upper level is the main attraction of Anapa “The Alley of Love”, which ends with the age, but the lighthouse still works as the favorite meeting place of lovers; the museum of ancient history of “Gorgippia” with a unique outdoor exhibition; “The Gate of Russia” where the remains of the 18th century fortress are located, as well as the Central Park with the exotic sculpture “White Hat” (which was created only in 2007, but managed to gain sensational popularity, so be prepared to stand in line if you want to be photographed in its background).

The Anapa Embankment is not just a showcase for the city, it is its heart. It is almost certain that you will not be able to pass it, otherwise you would absolutely regret it.