The Argun Gorge

Do you want to visit the Caucasus? The cradle of Nakh, located on the edge of ancient watchtowers and incredible pristine nature, all this is the picturesque Argun Gorge. Today an ultra-modern ski resort has been erected in Veduchi and here is Chechnya’s calling card, the famous Ushkaloyskie twin towers. It stretches about 120 km from Khevsuretia towards the Black Mountains, the 600 m long gorge that stores a historical, cultural, archaeological and architectural natural environment. In short, it is a place of worship and to attend is mandatory. In this article we tell you about the Argun Gorge, the best place to visit in the Caucasus.

Located in the heart of Chechnya, this valley has been known since ancient times as the Chechen caravan trail in Khevsureti (Georgia). Already in the 16th-17th centuries the embassies of Russia and Georgia, marveled at the fabulous and wild beauty of the Argun Gorge, amazed by the stern, the old way of life of its inhabitants. The impassable jungle, the narrow roads and the steep walls of the Tamerlane era brought glory to this impregnable place. Repeatedly the nomadic hordes tried to invade this place that were expelled from the distance. Last but not least, thanks to the legendary watchtowers, the crossing of the main roads began to be built in the Middle Ages.

Berzhe wrote that during the middle of the 19th century, the Argun gorge was called “The Towers of Gorgia” who stood at the border with Georgia at every branch and stream. Today, in the ruined state of the tower it rises above the road, like a wise spy, watching over the God-given order.

Not surprisingly, almost the entire territory is part of the Argun Reserve Museum, which protects not only the 10th and 18th century towers, but also the animals that jump, crawl and fly on its borders. Add to this the various rock caves, the only park, cemeteries, ancient tombs and castle complexes, and it becomes clear that a week is not enough to explore this place.

The main travel and tourism landmarks to Argun Gorge are the crypts from the 10th to 15th centuries: Khoyski, Himoysky, Pakochsky, Maistinsky and Tsekaloysky. The Ushkaloyskie towers of the 10th and 12th centuries, located in the narrowest part of the gorge (one of which was almost completely destroyed in 1944, but was later restored today). The 17-meter tower, Guchan-Kale, built on the right bank of the Argun River, narrowing towards the top, attracted the attention of the preserved loophole basins and matacanes, as well as the petroglyphs that are carved into its walls.

To fully explore the beauty of the legendary Argun Gorge, it is best to get a personal car and an experienced guide. From the city center you have to go along Kadyrov Avenue, which in turn leads to the regional road P305. Continue past the villages of Gikalovsky, Atagi, Pioneer and Yarysh-Mardy, which are about 45 km or 50 minutes away. Then from that point begins Argun with its watchtowers.

Don’t forget to visit the Caucasus during your trip to Russia!

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