The beaches of Russia

Visit the most beautiful beaches of Russia

It is already possible to visit the most beautiful beaches in Russia now. That’s why we have prepared the following article. Here we will tell you a lot about the beaches to visit in Russia. If you are planning to visit the most beautiful beaches of Russia, we will give you the most recommended ones.

Discover the most beautiful beaches of Russia

According to the tourists all over the world, Russia is a country of snow, oil, endless forests and wild animals, but not a tourist power. Our compatriots are paying money like crazy to see beautiful sunsets, exotic water entertainments and mysterious snorkeling. They fly abroad to see these tourist destinations. But in reality, they could say another thing. “It is good to visit, but it is better at home”, so it is also at a high level here. You do not believe me? Discover the selection of the most beautiful beaches of Russia!

The beaches of Russia you have to visit:

Beaches in Baikal 

You cannot start a conversation about the russian beaches and not to mention the most beautiful deepest lake in the world, Baikal. For the walruses, the beaches of Baikal are always opened, and fans of the scorching sun and hot water will have to wait until summer. To choose a place of relaxation on Lake Baikal, you will need to remember a simple rule, the smaller the lake or the river is, the longer the water will have to warm up. For this reason, we advise you to dive into small bays and coves. Be sure to bring diving masks and fins with you. Also, if you provide your phone with a waterproof cover, you can boast unique photos of the cleanest lake in the world.

Glass Bay, Vladivostok

This region even has a name of the resource: Primorsky. The coast of the Glass Bay or Glass cups, as the locals call it, looks like a multicolored mosaic of Gaudi. The mountains of glass and plastic, broken by the efforts of the sea, the sun and the sand turned one of the beaches of Vladivostok into a unique place for exotic lovers.

If the garbage usually only spoils the surrounding nature and causes irreparable damage to the aesthetics of the place, then in this case the garbage creates a unique beauty. It is interesting that in California and Vladivostok there is approximately the same version of the origin of this unique beach: once there was a dump in this place and after its closure there was a lot of broken glass. Today, thanks to the guests of the beach, there are less those bright fragments there. Few people can resist the temptation to take a glass with them, so if you want to see the bay in its “pristine” beauty, we advise you to hurry up with a visit.

An analogue to this beach exists only in California USA (the famous glass beach Fort Brag).

Blue Bay beach, Crimea

A beach near the town with a poetic name, the New World is a very photogenic area. Fans of Soviet cinema will recognize it immediately, even though they have never been there. The cult films of the best times of the Soviet cinema were filmed here. “The Amphibian man”, “Three plus two”, “Pirates of the XX century”, “Sportloto-82”. Directors and actors were not attracted by the romantic name of the place, but by its impressive “Blue Bay”. We have to admit that nobody, even the most expert photographer, has been able to capture the beauty of the Blue Bay by pine aromas, a soft sea breeze, the whisper of the waves and the water in all the shades of blue that do not fit in the frame.

Local residents called this place the Royal beach, because right here the last Russian autocrat Nicholas II liked to rest.

The wild beaches of the Russian island, Vladivostok

The tourist history of the island of Russia began to be written only a couple of years ago. Although officially the island passed into the possession of the Russian Empire since the nineteenth century, no one participated in its development.

In Soviet times, the island had the status of a closed military territory. Only in the summer of 2012 a cable-stayed bridge was built, which finally united the Russian with the “great land”. It was then that the active development of the territory began with bathers, lovers of underwater hunting and other tourists who roamed the world.

Today on the island there are several dozens of wild beaches with clear waters, green beaches and a rich underwater world. As the island hadn´t been working for a long time to visitors, it managed to preseve its wild and imposing beauty. Today people come here with tents, mountain bikes, off-road saddle cars and they rush into the impassable jungle of the Russian heart.

If you go to the island, do not forget the anticorral shoes (here it’s full of sea urchins) and masks (for a half-hour dive from where you can pick up your own scallop dinner).

The Amber Beach, Kaliningrad region

Attention, a unique case in Russia: not only the nature worked on the beauty of this beach, but also the administration of the region. The amber beach is the first beach in Russia with the “blue flag”. It is an international prize, awarded only to beaches that meet the highest quality standards.

Thanks to the efforts of the local government, the beach is provided with the beach umbrellas, toilets with sewer, running water and lighting, shower and comfortable cabins to change clothes. For people with disabilities, a special floor was built, so they can easily reach the water. The water is crystal clear there, all this together creates a sense of the present, that is sometimes very rare in Russia.

Massandra beach, Yalta, Crimea

Before it was the second owner of the “blue flag” in Russia. Despite the large tourist load, the beach of Massandra has a well-kept and well-groomed territory, its water is very clean and it is the most comfortable beach in Yalta. Well, it’s easier to get here than to the amber beach in Kaliningrad region.

Long Spit, Yeisk District, Krasnodar

Someone call this place a long oblique, others called it Dolzhansky. But both are sure that this place is a Russian tourist’s paradise. The beach with small shells, turquoise water and 10 kilometers of sparkling white waves.

The spit separates the Sea of Azov in the Gulf of Taganrog and is a limestone and natural sand in drift, the very nature of many years meticulously has split the shells of the base rocks, creating this place one of the most beautiful beaches of Russia. Kitesurfers come to swim here and tourists come with their tents.

If you prefer to have a rest in an all-inclusive system, you, of course, should not come here. But if you are an expert of fresh air, wildlife, active fishing and water sports, perhaps, this is the best option.

Derbent, Republic of Dagestan

The beaches of the Caspian Sea are beautiful, clean and, the most important thing, that they are almost deserted. The most southern sea of Russia heats up much earlier than the black one. Here, the prices do not bite, people are friendly, and the weather is perfect to spend beach holidays. The main thing is not to go there in July because of the stormy season.

The swimming season here lasts from May to September. Along the coast you could see yellow sea sand with small seashells. After the beach, you can go to the center of historical excursions and monumental architecture.

Lake Jack London, Magadan Region

Perhaps this is the most unexpected element in our selection. Very few people know about this lake, even few people have seen it, but it’s worth it! Lake Jack London is the most romantic place in the Magadan region. The mirror of water on all sides with jagged ridges, framed by the surface of the water in the palms of deciduous forests, resembles the fjords of Norway and Lake Upper Scotland.

There are 4 islands in the lake. They divide it into two parts: Jack the little one and Jack the big one. The legend says that the lake received its name thanks to an unusual finding made by the discoverers. Some time ago, the first researchers discovered a volume of Jack London on the coast. They decided that this wonderful place deserved such a literary name.

The beaches of the village of Dzhemete, Anapa, Krasnodar

These beaches are considered to be the best ones on the whole Black Sea coast. Some people believe, that there are still gold particles in it. Usually, tourists are coming to the beach with sun loungers, ice cream and soft drinks. As for the more sophisticated travelers, they know that you have to go here to maintain good health. The mineral water, the therapeutic mud, the hydrogen sulfide sources… All those things you can find around the small village of Gemete. Add a pure sand, the gentle whisper of the waves and the calm rhythm of a tourist city, and… You will not want to leave!

In this article we will show you which beaches to visit in Russia. Here we are trying to evaluate more objectively the most popular beaches of Russia. But we strongly recommend you driving through Russia and filling our list!

Visit the most beautiful beaches of Russia and enjoy their beauties and unique characteristics. The beaches of Russia you have to visit and much more things thanks to Free Tours Russia. Discovering the best beaches in Russia is great.