The best tourist routes in Russia

What to see in Russia? At your attention several tourist routes of Russia that you can choose for your Russian trip. Read more about places in Russia with unforgettable views.

Frolikha River Russia

The first place in our top of Russia’s best tourist routes is Lake Bailal. Baikal is the center of the Earth’s power for most people on the planet. The foreigners (and many Russians) represent the lake as a mysterious and endless reservoir in the “heart” of the continent. In many aspects, this description is suitable for the object. For a close knowledge of the “sea,” as the Indians call the lake, there are many ways. One of them is the “Frolikha” trail.

If you go 12 days in the northeast, the unspoilt coastline of Lake Baikal, it will be an excellent proof of its strength. The route since 2010 is sponsored by investors from Dresden, so attractive!

Its length is small: “only” 95 km, but it passes through the natural landscapes of the Siberian taiga. The center of the trail can be considered as the Frolikhinsky Reserve, which is the card of the most beautiful mountain lake in Frolikha. The area is protected and was created with the aim of preserving the relict population of the red fish “the Arctic char” (a family of salmon, included in the Red Book of Russia).

The route is decorated with numerous glacial water courses, protuberances of rocks and ends with the mouth of the upper Angara.

Places of Russia
  • Location: northeast coast of Baikal
  • Length: about 95 km (12 days)
  • Sightseeing: Frolikhinsky nature reserve, Khakusy thermal springs, Frolikha lake.

The great road of Baikal

The term “Gran Camino del Baikal” also hides an organization dedicated to the development of trekking in the Baikal region. The main objective of the project is the creation of a developed network of footpaths for tourists. The number of routes increases annually. Volunteers in summer and winter implement projects to develop a system of trails, new routes, infrastructure development and maps. With a rate of 10 years along the coast of the lake, a branched system of pedestrian routes will be formed. The perspective seems “crazy”: a single path around the Baikal! Such an object will become the center of world tourism.

On the way, steep climbs and sharp descents change constantly. From the beginning of the tourists, there is a vertical rise of 400 meters with an exit to the top, from where you can see the Baikal. Part of the route runs along the coast, on rocky cliffs. Here it is necessary to use sections of the passage rope.

Places of Russia
  • Location: along the perimeter of the lake (constantly complemented)
  • Length: a multitude of sections, ranging from 1.5 km to several tens of kilometers
  • Sightseeing: Baikal Museum, Pribaikalsky National Park.

Ecological-tourist route in Russia №1

The route acts as the “successor” of the famous route 30 of the Whole Union and is the second name “Through the mountains to the sea”. The route is alpine and requires special physical training. In the USSR, this road was one of the first and most developed. By the mid-1930s, numerous groups had already visited it.

Today the route was “chopped” to 5 days of road. Now the road does not reach the sea: it connects the town of Guzeriple and the town of Solokh-Aul. On the way, tourists cross the ice, cliffs and vast mountain meadows. The road is not the longest, but it covers the characteristic landscapes of the Caucasus. The tourists go through an ecologically clean territory and practically unharmed.

Places of Russia
  • Location: Northwest Caucasus
  • Length: 93 km
  • Places of interest: Hajokh Gorge, Rufabgo waterfalls, cave systems, Mount Fisht, glaciers.

Tourist Route of the whole Union № 55

Another “mastodon” of hiking. A complex and long route that takes 21 days to overcome. The road can be followed on foot or by bus. In general, travelers combine this type of movement, complementing it with a train. During the trek, tourists visit many bodies of water from the South Urals region, and also traverse the pristine forests. The rich animal world and dense vegetation create the feeling of pioneers and help to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The trails are not always equipped and are maintained in good condition, but the route attracts knowledge of the Urals and their beauty.

  • Location: South Ural, Chelyabinsk
  • Length: 487 km
  • Places of interest: Uvildy Lake, Ilmenskoe Lake, Kruglitsa Mountain, Auskul Lake.

 Multinsky Lakes, Altai

The nature monument of Altai, the glacial system of the highlands of the Multinsky Lakes, is one of Altai’s tourist “symbols”. The lakes with crystal clear waters are found in small mountain hollows. Snowy slopes of the Katunsky Range of the Lower Multinsky Lake, Transversal, Middle Multinsky, Talmen and a large number of small reservoirs. On the way, tourists are waiting to see and pass:

The glacial waterfalls.
Cross the mountain rivers.
Go through the rocky slopes.
Spend the night on the shore of the lakes.
Go on foot on the route of the snow-capped mountains.

  • Place: Altai Mountain
  • Length: about 30 km
  • Tourism: the Multinsky Lakes system

The Great Hibiny Circle

A circular route between the Bolshaya Imandra and Umbozero lakes. “Classic Karelia” in all its beauty! It is a glacial relief with bare rock bumps and ponds with glacial streams.

A distinctive feature of this trail are the numerous ups and downs along the streams that descend from the mountain ranges of Khibin. On the way you will have to climb to the highest point of northwest Russia: Mount Yudimchvumchorr (1,206 meters above sea level). Many passes (one or three of those objects per day) require training and special skills. Tourists must have special equipment and go out on the track under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

  • Location: Kola Peninsula
  • Length: about 75 km
  • Sightseeing: passes and Khibin lakes

Plateau Manpupuner. Travel through Djatlov Pass

Here is a certain road, a relatively small area placed several intersecting routes at certain points of the map. A visit to the mysterious mountains and Otorten Dyatlov Pass is included in the mandatory program of the track. Of course the legendary “idiots” is a waitress with unusual natural objects created by the wind. The locals call the mountain Hombre-Pupu-Ner “teta-out” or “mountain of idols.” The giants created by nature resemble the famous heads on Easter Island.

The nature reserve Pechora-Ilich, whose territory is crossed by trekking route with the tundra of the mountain that is covered with marshes. The terrain is very “fragile” and difficult to traverse. But in 2016 more than a hundred volunteers prepared the safe path by which tourists go to the poles, these comprise a height of 30 to 42 meters.

The road is fascinating, but it requires tourist training. If you choose an 11 km walk along the slope of the mountain to the entrances, you can dispense with the equipment. But a walk of several days becomes a serious test: crossing rivers, climbing mountains and mountains, staying in the taiga, all the flavor of Siberia!

  • Place: Komi Republic.
  • Length: from 11 km to 230 km (depending on the chosen route).
  • Scenic tours: Dyatlova Pass, Otorten Mountain, Pechora River, Geological Monument “Pillars of Weathered” – one of the 7 wonders of Russia.

Around Elbrus

The highest place of our top of best tourist routes in Russia is Elbrus. The route is mountainous and belongs to the 1st category of complexity. The road attracts with its concept: to avoid the highest mountain in the Caucasus, it becomes a memorable adventure. The region is well developed from the tourist point of view and travelers can not worry about how to get to the Elbrus region. But the terrain is treacherous, a recent meeting has confirmed it. Therefore, the route must be accompanied by an experienced instructor.

What awaits you on the road? First, the height. Some points are at an altitude of 3700 meters, which can cause symptoms of mountain sickness. Ice lakes, such as Siltrakel, are characterized by clean water and beautiful views. Real mountain glaciers, where small rivers and streams start. The steps and gorges are “mixed” with peaks and rocky peaks. A classic mountain route along the alpine meadows of Elbrus.

  • Location: Caucasus
  • Length: about 60 km.
  • Tourism: the highest point in Europe: the Elbrus volcano, the glaciers, the waterfalls, the sources of the mountain rivers.

Shikotan In the footsteps of “Robinson Crusoe”

Lianas, dwarf bamboo and the Japanese lighthouse Shpamberg (1943): the most remote island in Russia does not look much like Russia. Japan is 100 km away, and Moscow is 7119 km away.

There are almost no trees in Shikotan, but here in 1972 a film about Robinson Crusoe was shot. Stanislav Govorukhin, knowingly, chose this island: the landscapes are very similar to the uninhabited terrain. A lot of layers deep in the sea, forming attractive landscapes for travelers. The road is simple and you can overcome it in a couple of hours. This is not a road, it’s just a walk on a small island on the “edge” of the country. The route will be remembered and approved by those who pass through here.

rutas turísticas de Rusia

Localización: Islas Kuriles
Longitud: hasta 20 km.
Visita turística: Cape Kray Land, Shikotan (405 metros), naturaleza exótica



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