The Castle “Lion’s Head”

A beautiful Castle “Lion’s Head”

From a quiet town of Sukko, where families with small children like to rest, you can see a castle, but not a medieval castle. It was recently erected by a group of twins for the performances of the horse show “Knight’s Tournament”. It is the Castle “Lion’s Head”.

The first performance took place in 2006, since then the script and the interpreters have changed several times. The troop has its own stable, where 15 permanently trained horses live, the winter room, where they train, and in the low season they give performances. The actors live in the shelter above the slope.

What to see and to do?

Inside the Castle “Lion’s Head” there is a stadium surrounded by supports. Here the soldiers come out to fight with real military weapons and armor. The culmination of the show is the spear tournament. The knights run against each other, hitting each other out of the chair. Everything looks very real.

The winner will award the prize to his lady of heart by choosing her among the girls present. Here you can also see alternative combat performances of the circus and jesters.

In the pause between the morning and night performances, there is a torture chamber with real instruments of the Palaean crafts that is opened for the exhibition. The excursion is conducted by a monk-inquisitor in the black mantle. There is even a genuine loyalty belt.

Beyond the walls of the Castle door, life is raging, too. It smells like fried meat, you can hear the sound of a hammer on the anvil. Soldiers with green jackets are trained in archery. A potter’s wheel is spinning, in front of the audience there is a new pot. The guests are happy to participate in all matters, especially children, men prove their strength in the forge, and then all together satisfy hunger in the tavern.

The menu offers dishes of medieval cuisine.

At the base of the Castle “Lion’s Head” stables there is a riding school, where everyone learns how  to care for horses, ride them and handle them while traveling and jumping. Hippotherapy sessions are held for special applications.

So, if you would like to visit the Castle “Lion’s Head” – be sure: you won’t regret it!