The Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ in Aleksandrov

It happened that the Nativity Cathedral, not far from Alexander’s liquidation, does not belong to the highest building or architectural masterpieces. However, Alexandrov’s scale is quite remarkable.

The Diocese of Vladimir and Suzdal, in charge of the cathedral, is covered with a golden onion dome. On the dome, the sun is visible from many parts of the city, and inside, the Nikolaya Chudotvortsa and Arhistratiga Mihailă corridors feature certain iconostases.

On the beautiful cathedral square you can admire Alexander of the Kremlin and relax in the public garden by the ravine.

History Pages

More than 1,000 years of history after the birth of Christ, the construction of the temple began in the year 990, as a wooden church of St. Nicholas on the site where there is now a cinema “Saturn”. After dynamically developing the Slavic settlement. For 200 years, its territory has grown so much that it took to build another temple, and in the 11th century the first version of the Church of the Nativity was built.

In time, the church completed the construction of the new chapels. Peter himself had a hand in the process, and by his decree in 1696 instead of two wooden churches, they erected a stone church with a bell tower of the Nativity. In the 19th century with the money of Aleksandrov’s merchants, work was carried out on the extension and restructuring of the complex, in particular, all the wooden buildings were replaced by stone.

The wind revolution brought the change, and the prayers in turn gave rise to the opera, amateur and even the bakery. But in 1991 the whole country started a movement to restore the temples, and the cathedral of Christ received new life. A year later, the service was resumed and over the next 25 years it was completely restored and consecrated. The territory of the complex was surrounded by a fence and the Sunday school, baptism, prosfornoy bakery and a library were added.


They say that the Cathedral of the Nativity is one of the brightest and most pleasant places in Alexandrov. People come to the temple of the soul to rest and gain strength to talk to the priest. The workers of the congregation go to the diocese with the people during the holidays, who adore and present all the cards, honor the Sisters of Mercy and maintain a pleasant atmosphere.