The Convent of Vedensky’s Intercession

The Convent of Vedensky is situated on an island in the middle of the Vvedenskiy Lake, 4 km from the veil. It can be reached by one of the two bridges, launched from the coast, and in winter on the ice. Most of the monasteries on the island are surrounded by a canopy of huge trees. Above their branches rise 5 chapter domes of the Vedensky temple with strict black onions that contrast with the red “body” brick of the cathedral and stand out against the background of the surrounding vegetation. In winter, when the island is covered with snow and merges with the lake, the red walls of the church serve as a guide for the pilgrims.

A little bit of history

It is believed that the monastery was founded at the end of the 17th century, when the two hermit monks built a small chapel and cells on one of the islands in Lake Vedensky. The elders wanted to live out their allotted time in seclusion, but the picturesque island was visited by pilgrims as early as the 18th century, so it was decided to erect a new temple on the spacious island. The monastery grew rapidly and prospered, where a bell tower, a dining room and a hotel for the pilgrims were built. In 1918, the church and its surroundings were nationalized, returning as a church only in the 1990s.

The first wooden church was built by old hermits, dismantled and moved to the Vladimir road, where it was until the 1740s, the home of tax collection.

What you can see?

The island contains two churches, the Church of St. Nicholas, which has been completely renovated in recent years, and the Church of Vedensky, where the interior has not yet been restored. The monastery is famous for its murals and rare icons, including a wonderful fresco of St. Aleksandra Nevskogo, which had raised the eyes of the mountain. Another chapel in the monastery is the relics of old Cleophas, a local saint who was buried here.

The monastery opened a shelter for street children “Ark”, where 12 girls currently live and learn.
The home is known for the excellent hospitality of the nuns, who gladly communicate with guests, sharing stories of monastery life and taking a short tour of the area. Most visitors stay for lunch in the pilgrims’ dining room, where a tasty cuisine made with local ingredients is served. At the monastery you can buy fresh and smoked fish, caught just off the coast of the island where all proceeds go to charity. In summer, many of the pilgrims go down to the water to swim and enjoy the beautiful natural environment of Lake Vedensky.