The Desyatinny Monastery in Veliky Novgorod

The Desyatinny Monastery was once considered the most beautiful in Novgorod, and this certification is worth a lot, because churches and monasteries abound in the city. Unfortunately, the fate of the monastery was not easy, nowadays it does not work, its main church is the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, which is in ruins. However, it preserves the bell tower, an old fence and the refectory. In recent years, the structure was put in order, the area is open to the public, both independent and guided tours. Here is the artistic culture of the Novgorod Museum of land that truly houses valuable objects that are exposed.

A little history

Along with the appearance of the monastery to a beautiful legend. The lover of liberty of the people of Novgorod was frequently attacked by the neighboring principality of Vladimir-Suzdal, particularly during the dangerous incursion in 1170, when the Grand Duke of Vladimir, the imperious and ambitious Andrew Bogolyubskii. It seemed that the city of Suzdal could not be rescued, but the wall of the city bears the icon of the Mother of God “The Sign”, which forced the enemy to retreat. The pious princess Theodosia, mother of Aleksandra Nevskogo, in gratitude to the Virgin ordered to found a monastery.

It is known that the first buildings of the monastery were dated in the 14th century and the later buildings are from the 19th century, like the bell tower.

What can you see?

The business card of the monastery is the bell tower of the 19th century, very beautiful, thin and light. Even experts have difficulties with the definition of construction style since there were no mixed elements of Baroque and Empire. However, this does not spoil the building, on the contrary, it gives it originality. Walking through the extensive grounds of the complex is pleasant as it is clean and well maintained. Unfortunately, the beautiful church of the Nativity of the Virgin was destroyed by the Swedes in the Age of Disorders, and this process was only continued in the following years. Today there is a plan for the restoration of the temple, but the work has not yet begun, only its ruins can be seen.

The Museum of Artistic Culture

The special attraction of the complex is the Museum of Art Culture of Novgorod. According to the Soviet tradition, various secular institutions, residential buildings and monastery buildings were placed on the walls of the church and taken to the workshops of artists and masters of national crafts. A generation of artists was replaced by others, they passed between them, not only the tricks of the trade but also their products and bedding. Little by little, the idea of opening the Museum of Artistic Culture was given, because the material accumulated during this time abounded. The idea was realized in 2001, and nowhere there is an extensive permanent exhibition, which is often organized as master classes of work.