The Historical Value of Red Square


Each country has its own characteristic places, those that cannot be missed. These places, which have become the trademark of the cities, often have a rich and interesting history that is not always known in depth by the tourist.

When you are on a trip around Russia, one of the tours in Moscow that you should not miss is the visit to Red Square.

The Red Square is considered the center of the city and of all Russia, it is located in the commercial district known as Kitay-górod.  Initially it was a place for markets, then served as a venue for public ceremonies and proclamations. It was even the scene of the coronation of tsars. The square is home to the scaffold, the monument to Pozharsky, and the world-famous tomb (mausoleum) of Lenin.

It is 330 meters long and 70 meters wide, which makes it a majestic stage. Even more if we take into account the environment: the different buildings of the Kremlin are distributed around it, one more imposing than the other. When it comes to photographing yourself on the Square, it is difficult to choose the angle, as all the views are beautiful.

Due to its strategic location, throughout history, the square has been the protagonist of many political, historical, military, commercial and also artistic events. It has served as a stage for great concerts: Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others have performed there. Paul McCartney’s concert was a historic moment for many, because The Beatles were banned in the Soviet Union.

When you take your tour of Moscow, don’t miss the opportunity to get to know this place of enormous historical significance, which in 1990, along with the Kremlin, were the first sites in the USSR to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.