The Holy Monastery of the Assumption of Alanian

Alanian in ancient times was one of the centers of Christianity in the Caucasus. There were once many Orthodox churches and monasteries. In the high mountains of Ossetia, the monks prayed, performed feats of faith, and in case of danger protected them from the enemies. Today, many of them have been restored. One of these monasteries is the Holy Monastery of the Assumption in Alanian, which appeared in the year 2000. From the high steep mountains, you can see the monastery, which was built in the classical Byzantine style, it is hard to imagine that the monastery is not more than two decades old, it seems that it has been here forever, and it was located in the middle of the mountains, under its stone walls is the unleashed and strong Fiagdon River. During its existence, the monastery was one of the main spiritual centers not only in Ossetia, but in all of southern Russia.

In this incredible and holy abode, it doesn’t have a long history. It takes its origin at the dawn of a new century and millennium. In April 2000, in the town of Beslan, in the former hotel for drivers, the Holy Monastery of the Assumption was formed, which has become over time the most mountainous monastery in Russia. Initially the brothers of the monastery were very small numbers, to be more exact, it was the only one with two monks, who had previously occupied the formation of the Rylsky Monastery of Nicholas. The name and associated base of the monastery was given by the old man Beslan, it was shortly before he died that he blessed his disciples to go to the Caucasus and establish a new monastery.

The Holy Monastery of the Assumption of Alanian was moved to the temple of the Great Martyr, St. Barbara. After some time, the monastery moved to a new location, along with the monastery complex and its gray walls, making a lasting impression.

It was not chosen by chance: the temple of Santa Myrrh-Bearers was still built in the 19th century, rebuilt in our days by the efforts of our brothers. Also, in the territory of the Holy Monastery of the Assumption in Alanian, a fraternal body was built, and a new and spacious church in honor of the Iberian icon of the Mother of God.
In time, the monastery became one of the main spiritual centers not only in Ossetia, but also in southern Russia, together with the convent of Alania. Here, not far from the walls of the monastery, a few kilometers away is the main Ossetian sanctuary with the Iberian icon of the Mother of God, which was donated by Saint Queen Tamara. During the hard years of the Second World War, the image was lost and, according to legend, when all the Orthodox monasteries of Alanian were restored, the icon was recovered.

The Monastery Church of the Iberian Mother of God was built in the Byzantine style, these monasteries and churches can be found throughout the vast territory of the former Roman Empire, from Serbia to Turkey, and of course, in the Caucasus. The grey stone was erected with bright red tile roofs, with items at the bottom of the mighty blue-green mountains and a winding stream.

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