The Houseboat in Ivanovo

The Houseboat is one of the most unique buildings in the city of Ivanovo . Its construction was carried out by the architect D. F. Friedman from Moscow, and finished in 1930. The structure became a brilliant example of the architectural direction of fashion at that time, constructivism with the characteristics of romanticism and symbolism.

The main body, where the apartment is located is the party headquarters, is located along Lenin Prospekt’s main street, and perpendicular to it, on Shesterina street where there is a house for the workers of the textile factories.

The boat is often called the main body of the house, and the other, less visible, is where the workers live, jokingly nicknamed the barge.

Architecture features

The main building resembles a ship due to the rounded wall, the end is beveled and has two rows of balconies with metal railings as on the decks. The complete angle of the image of the balconies and triangular windows. The house itself has 5 floors, and rises from the edge of the tower to 8 floors, is very similar to the stern of the ship with an observation platform. The panoramic glazed ground floor simulates the water on which the boat floats. The second 5-storey building has a staggered lowering of the roof which increases the feeling of dynamic construction.

Initially, the house has been painted in a light grey colour, with the exception of the upper part of an 8-storey tower, which increased the similarity with the steel hull of the ship. Now the facades are painted in a dark brown colour. The houseboat was always lived in during the Soviet era, on the first floor it housed a sports medicine clinic, now there are shops. It has never been renovated, so the state of the city’s architectural monuments is a cause for serious concern.


Address: Ivanovo, Prospekt Lenina, 49.
The building is located at the intersection of Prospekt Lenina and St. Shesterina. You will find that it is very simple: Lenin Avenue is one of the main arteries of the city. Not far from the house, the boat has a public transport stop “Karla Marksa Street”. Arriving at Ivanovo by train, you cannot postpone the tour and can immediately go to the popular house which is the way to it, as it takes less than 10 minutes from the station.