The Jubilee Park in Yaroslavl

What to see in Yaroslavl? The Jubilee Park in Yaroslavl is considered the favorite place of recreation for the residents of Leninsky district. In winter, you will find in the ski park, athletes taking a walk with children of young mothers. In spring its alleys and courtyards are filled with families with children, young people and pensioners, who come here to enjoy the fresh air and socialize in a pleasant atmosphere. But Jubilee Park is not just a contemplative outdoor recreation. Throughout the year there are several organized festivals, sports events, concerts and theme meetings. The favorite park in Yaroslavl celebrates New Year’s Day in a winter of large escorts, pays homage to the soldiers on Victory Day, also Fun in the City Day, among others. Jubilee Park is a center of formal and informal cultural life in the region. This place is ideal to visit during the one-day tour of Yaroslavl. If you do not know what to see in Yaroslavl, visit this park.

Yaroslavl in a day – what to see in Yaroslavl?

In the central streets of Yaroslavl you can ask for directions to the Jubilee Park, but it is not always understood. The reason for this is that it has several designations for the most accustomed local residents, for example, some call it “Motorostroiteley Park”. This is derived from the neighbouring Palace of Culture, and is the name of the Dobrynin motor manufacturers. The official name of the park is due to the fact that it was founded on the anniversary of Yaroslavl, and by 1960 the park had a third name “Dobryninsky”.

Recreation in the Park

The Jubilee Park covers an area of approximately 8 hectares. Its centre is decorated with a large fountain, although in recent years it was due to be closed as it is hardly ever used. In winter it is covered with snow, and in summer there is the creation of skating in Zorb. In the fountain radiate avenues and roads, and all of them are equipped with benches. In different parts of the park there are playgrounds and attractions for young and older children as well. The focus of the visitors is invariably high.

In the park there are several cafeterias, and there is a large restaurant with pergolas. Deep in the trees there is a small cart track, and on the opposite side, a terrace. Once there were dance parties for young people, where now is the polurazobrannom court, but the use of it has not been found yet.


Address: Yaroslavl, Prospekt Lenina, 24b.

The park is located almost in the center of the city. It can be reached from the main entrance (the beginning of Chkalov Street), through the service entrance to DK Motorostroiteley (Lenin Avenue), as well as from the intersection of Shchapova and Chkalov.

You can reach it in different ways by public transport. You can go to “Yaroslavl Boss” train station (bus number 9, 11, 30, trolley bus № 3), as well as buses and ferries, continuing in the Krasnoperekopsky region (number 3, 85, 95 ) to the desired stop “Jubilee Square”. The park can be reached by trams № 1 and 7, from the stop “Solovovskaya hospital.


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