The Kondoidi House in Tambov

Which way of seeing Tambov is advisable? Here there are many Tambov museums. Grigoriy Vladimirovich Kondoidi was the leader of the small nobility of Tambov, State Councilor, member of the commission for the reform of local government in St. Petersburg, in a word, prominent, well-known personality and a legend in his own way. Here we tell you about the Kondoidi House in Tambov, one of the Tambov museums. It is the best way to see Tambov.

By the way, the noble Kondoidi race came to Russia from the island in Greece, Corfu in the 18th century, and since then it has faithfully served our country.

The first Russian in Kondoidi’s career can be called as the well-known Russian doctor Pavla Zaharovicha Kondoidi, who in the middle of the 18th century was organizing regular medical affairs in the army, and served Empress Elizabeth as a personal gynecologist. It was his descendant Grigori, who became an honored citizen of Tambov and the main government officials.

Kondoidi did a lot for Tambov, and in general, he had a somewhat generous personality (and in some very questionable), because for a long time without thinking gave the city some of its mansions, including a luxurious mansion on Gymnasicheskaya Street, now called Str. Communal. Manor, built in the Renaissance style, became the property of the city’s Duma and council. In the 80s of the 19th century, there was a police department. In the east and south wings, the City Bank and the women’s university were extended. In short, Don Kondoidi Tambov is used for fame. But, of course, with the advent of the Revolution, all these governments were abolished.

During the civil war in 1917-1918, resistance to the revolution was placed here, which was headed by the Mensheviks, Socialist-Revolutionaries and white officers. But on the night of January 30 to 31, 1918, the detachment of workers broke into the building, proclaimed Soviet power in the territory of the Tambov region.

Later, on the wealthy property of Kondoidi, Gubleskhoz met (1924), two years later it became a town hall, and another 2 years later, it was the district court, around the 1930s. The Party Committee and the City Hall, since 1992, worked as the Office of the Mayor of Tambov. Today, the old mansion of the nobility is a leader of the administration of the city of Tambov.

Fortunately, due to the fact that the established farm was free from the Soviet authorities, there was not much suffering to furnish the house. Therefore, at this time, the former residence of Kondoidi has preserved as well as the refined exterior decoration with a lot of small details, giving a festive aspect, and the magnificently decorated doors, and marble staircases, which leads to the second floor.

By the way, looking at this beauty can be very easy: at the Kondoidi House in Tambov it housed the machine head of the Tambov city administration, library, several committees and some control of the city administration. So during the week, you can search for business here freely.


st. Municipal, 6.

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