The main foods of Buriatia and Baikal’s cuisine

The main foods of Buriatia and Baikal’s cuisine

What are the main foods of Buriatia and Baikal’s cuisine? We tell you now.

Pozi or Buuzi

Pozi resembles the Caucasian hinkali, Chinese manti türk or baozi. Buuzi look like pelmeni but are much bigger. They are made of wheat dough and have exactly 33 tweezers, they are steamed, inside they have meat and chopped onions. The pozi are said to resemble yurt houses (tents of Central Asian and Siberian nomads) because of their round shape and hole at the top. They serve them on a large plate that they put in the center of the table from where everyone can pick them up. They eat them only with their hands – first they take a bite of the bottom, drink all the broth inside and then they eat the rest. This national dish has its own Buuzin Bayar festival, which is held in February in the capital of Buriatia Ulan-Ude. In the city’s central square you can taste dozens of types of pozi, watch some contests and tournaments.


Another well-known dish in the Buriatia Republic near Lake Baikal is Buhler soup. Originally they were cooked only with beef or lamb but now they add potato. In traditional restaurants it is served with a table where it is convenient to cut the meat. On the menu there is usually another well-known soup that we can recommend – the traditional soup with meat and Shulep pasta.


Ninguna fiesta de Buriatia no pasa sin Salamat. Este es un plato con crema agria de leche y harina. Este plato tradicionalmente es de ritual – con él encuentran los huéspedes, lo traen a los datsanes (los templos buddistos) como don – aquí creen que la comida de color blanco es sagrada. Para preparar salamat hay que calentar la crema agria en el fuego lento y mezclarla con la harina de trigo. Resulta un plato parecido a papilla que puede comer caliente o fría.

Salted Tea

The meal in Buriatia ends and Baikal’s kitchen an extraordinary tea ceremony. The green tea here is first boiled to free it from bitterness, then the milk is added and boiled again, at the end the salt is added. The people of Buriatia grow that this tea gives a lot of energy and strength, so they offer it to all guests.

All these main dishes of Buriatia’s cuisine and Baikal’s cuisine can be tasted in the restaurants and cafes near Baikal.



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